China Launches Public Reporting Site to Aid in Cross-Border Gambling Crackdown

  • Site will allow Chinese citizens to report on other citizens for engaging in cross-border gambling
  • Users will also be able to report on related crimes and telecom fraud
  • Helpful and verified information will see citizens rewarded
  • The campaign against cross-border gambling has seen $32.4bn confiscated since February
Roulette wheel and Chinese flag
The Chinese government has launched a public reporting website to allow Chinese citizens to help in its campaign against cross-border gambling. [Image:]

A little help from the public

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security has created a new public online reporting platform to assist in its fight against cross-border gambling.

The website allows Chinese citizens to report on any other citizens who have engaged in instances of cross-border gambling. This includes offshore gambling, online gambling, or working in offshore casinos.

Groups or individuals who make arrangements for citizens to travel to other countries for gambling purposes, or who provide fund settlement services for cross-border gambling, can also be reported on the website.

The ministry also looks to crackdown on telecom fraud

In addition, the system includes the option to report crimes related to cross-border gambling, including fraud, money-laundering, kidnapping, unlawful detainment, human trafficking, and illegal entry into a foreign country.

The ministry is also looking to crack down on telecom fraud, which can be reported through the platform.

Rewards for reports

According to the ministry, reports that play an important role in the fight against cross-border gambling will result in rewards.

“We encourage the public to report crimes,” a statement on the website reads. “Whoever provides verified and vital clues shall be given rewards. Whoever fabricates a case or frames up an innocent individual or unit, shall be treated sternly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.”

Chinese government has used rewards before

The Chinese government has used rewards before to entice the public into reporting illegal gambling-related activity. Earlier this month, the Public Security Department in China’s Jilin province offered an incentive of up to 50,000 yuan ($7,000) for helpful information in regard to underground gambling.

The fight against cross-border gambling

The Chinese government launched its campaign against cross-border gambling and related crimes on February 28. This was partly because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which the ministry said had kicked off a rise in these illegal activities.

Aside from actual gamblers, the crackdown is targeting those providing guidance, technical support, and financial assistance for gambling payments. MPs said that those found to be breaking the law would face restrictions to border entry and exit as well as penalties to their personal credit ratings.

Since launching the campaign, China announced it has confiscated 229bn yuan ($32.4bn) from cross-border gambling related activities. The public security authority has arrested more than 11,500 suspects in 257 criminal cases. It has also removed 368 gambling platforms, 148 criminal groups, and 187 underground banks in the process.