PokerStars UK Launches The Rail, Throwables

  • The Rail brings all PokerStars content into a portal accessible in the software
  • Players can toss Throwables at each other for a bit of mindless fun
  • Both features only available to UK players, will roll out to other areas later this year
PokerStars The Rail logo
Players on PokerStars UK can now toss Throwables at each other during games and access PokerStars content via The Rail. [Image:]

Keeping players busy

PokerStars has added a couple new features to its poker client this week. Unlike most of the site’s promoted releases, these are not new games, but rather elements designed to “engage and entertain.”

“The Rail” is a one-stop shop for all PokerStars content. Introduced on Wednesday, May 13, it brings everything a player might want to read about Stars into one window. It is currently only available for PokerStars UK customers, though the online poker room plans to roll it out to other markets in the coming months.

a goofy way for players to interact with each other

“Throwables” are the “entertain” portion of the update, a goofy way for players to interact with each other and have fun at the tables.

Constant PokerStars content

The Rail gathers all things PokerStars into a single portal right in the poker software. It is accessed via an icon on the right side of the PokerStars lobby, where the other buttons for things like leaderboards, challenges, and settings are found.

Once opened, The Rail presents PokerStars content from a multitude of sources. There are widgets for the PokerStars Twitter feed, the PokerStars podcast, Twitch streams, and the PokerStars blog. One column also updates big wins by Stars players, something the poker room believes can serve as an “inspiration” to others.

“We have been working on The Rail behind the scenes for some time to get it just right and we can’t wait to see the difference personalized content makes to the PokerStars experience,” said Severin Rasset, managing director and commercial officer of poker at The Stars Group International.

This is the first step and we will continue to see new additions and regular updates as this unfolds.”

The idea for The Rail is to allow players to continuously engage with PokerStars without having to shuffle around different browser windows while playing. Clicking on a widget does open a browser window, though.

Litter the table

The piece that was introduced on Thursday, May 14, serves no lofty purpose except to add to the poker fun. Throwables are just that: virtual items that players can collect and fling at each other during games. They are ways to express emotion in a silly way, something other than typing into the chat box.

There are three Throwables at launch. Fireworks are launched directly at an opponent, setting off the colorful blasts above their head. Tissues can be thrown at an opponent to sarcastically console them after a rough beat. And an alarm clock shakes and rings when it lands on the table, not-so-subtly telling an opponent to hurry up.

The fireworks and tissues are accessible right away, while the alarm clock can be unlocked by completing a limited-time challenge. Other Throwables will be introduced later and some will also only be available to collect for a short time.

Like The Rail, Throwables are only offered to .UK customers right now.