GGPoker Running Hourly $100 StayHome Freerolls

  • GGPoker giving people free entertainment during coronavirus pandemic
  • One $100 prize pool freeroll every hour
  • Network also began Rush & Cash Daily $15K Leaderboards through April
background of 100 dollar bills
GGPoker’s $100 StayHome Freerolls are running every day, every hour, on the hour. [Image:]

GGPoker offering games for fun, charity

GGPoker and the GGNetwork pushed out a new software release on Friday, March 27, launching a number of new promotions. While not all explicitly mention the coronavirus, most do seem geared toward giving poker players some goals while hunkering down to slow the spread of COVID-19.

0.5% of the prize pools…was donated to “frontline” charities dealing with the COVID-19 disease

Highlights of the update include daily freerolls and a new daily cash game leaderboard. Sunday also concluded High Rollers week at GGPoker in which $9 million in prize pools were guaranteed across 96 events.

Buy-ins ranged from $210 to $5,000. 0.5% of the prize pools – a minimum of $100,000 – was donated to “frontline” charities dealing with the COVID-19 disease, with GGPoker matching it dollar for dollar.

$100 freerolls don’t even require deposit

The vast majority of us have been advised or even required to ride this pandemic out in our homes unless we absolutely need to go out. This has actually been great in the short-term for online poker rooms. But not everyone has the disposable income with which to play poker, especially with all the job losses. As such, GGPoker has launched daily StayHome Freerolls.

With the tagline, “Play tournaments while #stayhome for safety and fun,” the tournaments start on the hour, every hour. The prize pools are just $100, but again, the tournaments are free. No prior deposit is required. The freerolls that are currently running are getting 500+ entries and pay to nine places. Players may only enter one freeroll per day.

freerolls that are currently running are getting 500+ entries and pay to nine places

In addition, GGPoker is reducing the maximum tournament fee from 10% to 8% across all of the poker site’s offerings. It appears that this is a temporary discount.

$15,000 per day for Rush & Cash players

GGPoker also kicked off a second daily promotion today, this one for cash game players. The somewhat awkward-sounding “Rush & Cash Daily 15K Leaderboard” runs from March 30 through April 30. During the contest, players earn points for each hand they play at Rush & Cash tables, GGPoker’s version of fast-fold poker.

Up to 10 points can be earned in a typical hand. One for folding, two for a call, three for a raise or opening bet, and three for taking all-in insurance. Obviously, players can call and raise several times during a hand, but 10 points is the cap GGPoker has instituted. It is possible to get another 10 points from a random cash drop, as well.

During Happy Hour (02:00:00 to 04:00:00 UTC), points are doubled, which also doubles the points cap.

There are six leaderboards, based on table stakes: $0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, $0.05/$0.10, $0.25/$0.50, $0.50/$1, and $1/$2. A total of $15,000 will be awarded each day. The top prize ranges from $50 on the lowest stakes leaderboard to $1,000 on the highest stakes board.