$250k Racetrack Robbery in Queens NY a Possible Inside Job

  • Thieves reportedly knew where the money would be transferred by unarmed guards
  • The two suspects exited the venue in an area where no security cameras are present
  • Police are still on the hunt for the individuals involved in the operation
masked thief carrying a sack of stolen goods makes a shh sign
The thieves who stole $250k from the Aqueduct Racetrack this past weekend may have had inside knowledge of the facility. [Shutterstock.com]

Aqueduct Racetrack robbed

A robbery that took place at the Aqueduct Racetrack in New York on Saturday night saw two masked men steal around $250k from the facility.

The robbers wore surgical masks to hide their identity. They managed to grab the money during transportation of the funds to the venue’s vault. Initially, reports surfaced that the robbery had occurred at the Resorts World Casino.

An inside job?

According to an employee of the Aqueduct Racetrack, the heist was completed by individuals who knew the inside workings of the facility. Speaking to The New York Post, the worker, who remained anonymous, said the robbers knew where they needed to be to steal the money.

the robbers knew where they needed to be to steal the money

The operation took place as unarmed guards moved the money from an office on the third floor to a basement vault.

Authorized personnel at the Aqueduct racetrack count the money on the upper level of the facility before proceeding to place it in the vault. Once the guards leave the room where the money is counted, they get on an elevator and head to the vault. It was in this area that the robbers planned their attack.

The anonymous worker said the robbers waited on the catwalk for the money transfer. While the guards in the vault area and the office carry guns, the guards escorting the funds do not.

The employee added: “You tell me, how did they know exactly where they bring the money down? The exact route from upstairs to the vault downstairs? It had to be someone familiar with the procedure here.”

Gone without a trace

The robbers took the money, left via an elevator, then exited from the south side of the complex where the Turf and Field entrance is located. The area they walked out of has no cameras installed, which meant no security footage was available to help identify the criminals.

no security footage was available to help identify the criminals

Police arrived on the scene after the incident. They reviewed the camera room, looking at security footage, and interviewed witnesses. Officers took to the trash bins located at the entrances of the facility in search of clues.

At the time of reporting on Sunday, police were still on the hunt for the two individuals involved in the robbery.

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