PokerStars to Monitor Affiliates Through GiG Comply

  • GiG's proprietary compliance tool, GiG Comply, will monitor all PokerStars affiliates
  • Tool will ensure affiliates are meeting advertising rules and the operator's standards
  • Regulators across the globe are cracking down on gambling advertising practices
  • GiG Comply is already being used by the likes of Bet365, Betsson, and Betfred
compliance concept
PokerStars will utilize Gaming Innovation Group’s proprietary affiliate monitoring and compliance software, GiG Comply, to ensure affiliates adhere to advertising regulations. [Image:]

Proprietary technology

PokerStars is the latest online gambling operator to partner with the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) for its affiliate monitoring service.

GiG will deploy its affiliate monitoring and compliance software, GiG Comply, to monitor PokerStars’ affiliate partners across the globe.

compliance software will ensure that all affiliates meet the advertising criteria for regulated markets

PokerStars’ affiliate club, known as Stars Affiliate Club, and GiG Comply will now be an essential part of this program. This compliance software will ensure that all affiliates meet the advertising criteria for regulated markets.

Advertising crackdown

Regulators in European and global markets are becoming a more active in ensuring that strict advertising compliance rules are being met. Systems of detection have become a lot more sophisticated and the penalties for breaches are also becoming a lot more extreme. 

Many countries have introduced harsher restrictions on gambling advertising in recent times, so it is vital that all affiliates are aware of these changes and actively comply with them.

Response to this deal

Speaking about this new partnership was Rebecca McAdam Willetts, an associate director of public relations at The Stars Group. She touched upon the impact this new deal will have on its affiliates, stating: “GiG Comply adds a new dimension to those relationships and controls, and we work forward to seeing the technology in action.”

GiG CEO Richard Brown said the company was delighted to add PokerStars to its portfolio of operators. He looks forward to GiG

assisting them [PokerStars] in compliance efforts ensures they remain at the forefront of responsible gaming.”

Effectiveness of GiG Comply

The technology deployed through GiG Comply analyzes thousands of different websites to make sure that all of the affiliates of a given operator are compliant with the advertising regulations in the various markets, as well as ensuring that the operator’s own standards are being met. 

Detailed reports are provided to the gambling operator relating to the type of content that is being promoted by these affiliates. This includes details on images, brand mentions, and links that are being used. This allows the respective affiliate teams to know exactly what type of content is being delivered to prospective customers.

Major operators like bet365, Betfred, and Betsson have also recruited GiG to monitor their affiliates.

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