Oklahoma Gambler Claims Casino Is Refusing to Pay $8.5m Slots Game Win

  • Maribel Sanchez landed her big win with a $1.25 bet on the Liberty 7s slot at the Newcastle Casino
  • The casino establishment refused to pay out the winnings, declaring it a game malfunction
  • Sanchez said the machine shut down and the screen went black as soon as the win occurred
  • She shared a photo she had taken of the prize announcement, totaling $8,469,498.95
woman expresses happiness and excitement while playing at a slot machine
Oklahoma woman Maribel Sanchez claims she’s owed an almost $8.5m Liberty 7s jackpot, but the Newcastle Casino is saying the win occurred due to a machine malfunction. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Slots player denied $8.5m prize

Maribel Sanchez has said the Newcastle Casino in Oklahoma is refusing to award her almost $8.5m which she won playing slots at the facility. The venue claims the win was due to a game malfunction.

The gambler from Oklahoma proceeded to inform the FOX 25 news station, which provided details of the incident on Twitter. Sanchez also shared an image of the slot machine screen indicating the win amount:

Liberty 7s machine shut down after win

Sanchez said she visited the Newcastle Casino at 7am on Friday morning. She decided to play the Liberty 7s slot and had wagered only $1.25 when she hit the jackpot. But as soon as the win occurred, the machine shut down and the screen went black.

Sanchez took a photo of the on-screen win announcement, which showed a total of $8,469,498.95.

Maribel’s daughter, Linda, commented on the incident, stating:

It says clearly the amount that she won, but now they’re saying it was a malfunction and not give (sic) her the amount.”

Taking legal action

Sanchez is working on taking legal action to receive the payment she claims she is owed by the casino. Her attorney, Bill Zuhdi, said:

We’re going to look at all her legal options and aggressively pursue her rights. She should be paid what she won.”

FOX 25 contacted the Newcastle Casino about the incident. The gambling facility responded, saying the claim is currently under review following the venue’s protocols, and that it is working with Sanchez through the process. The casino added it is unable to comment on the review at this time.

Daughter Linda also described it as “crazy” and “pointless” that the casino would rely on a malfunction excuse to withhold winnings from a patron. She added that someone could easily lose all their money at the venue and ask for their money back, claiming the loss was due to a machine error.

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