Brian Urlacher’s Brother Indicted Over Multimillion-Dollar Gambling Ring

  • Casey Urlacher was federally indicted along with nine others 
  • He faces charges relating to operating an illegal gambling business and conspiracy
  • A police officer with 18 years' experience is also thought to be involved
  • The ring would direct Chicago-based bettors to an offshore sports betting site in Costa Rica
  • The prosecution is also seeking an $8m judgment against ring leader Vincent DelGiudice 
illegal online gambling
The brother of Brian Urlacher was arrested along with nine others for allegedly operating a lucrative illegal sports betting business in the Chicago area. [Image:]

Charges filed against ten individuals

Casey Urlacher, the brother of NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, has been federally indicted over his alleged involvement in an offshore sports gambling sting.

operation allegedly raked in millions of dollars

The authorities pressed charges against Urlacher and nine other people, including one police officer. Urlacher will now face a US District Court over claims of operating an illegal gambling business and conspiracy. The sports gambling operation allegedly raked in millions of dollars. 

According to the prosecutors, Urlacher was a ring agent who recruited bettors and received a cut whenever they made losses.

There was no mention of Brian Urlacher in the indictment. After being contacted by the Chicago Sun-Times about the case, the former Chicago Bears star said, “I don’t know nothing about it.”

Who is Casey Urlacher?

Casey Urlacher is the mayor of Mettawa, a village in Illinois of around 500 residents. He played college football with Lake Forest College as well as having been in the Arena Football League. After retiring from the sports scene, he went into politics. 

Urlacher was elected mayor of Mettawa in 2013. In 2015, he ran for the Republican nomination for the 25th State Senate District but was unsuccessful.

Involvement of a police officer

Nicholas Stella, a 42-year-old police officer who worked for the Chicago Police Department for 18 years, was also allegedly an agent for the gambling operation. He has since been stripped of his police duties. 

Police Superintendent Charlie Beck said those in charge of upholding the law should know more than anyone how important it is to abide by it. He added, “The allegations against suspended police officer Nicholas Stella are very serious and if proven, they undermine everything the men and women of the Chicago Police Department represent.”

The gambling ring mastermind

54-year-old Vincent DelGiudice is said to be the head of the gambling ring. He was allegedly paying a fee to a sportsbook in Costa Rica to use its online site and get Chicago-based gamblers to register for accounts on the platform. DelGiudice then hired agents to sign people up to the gambling site, UncleMickSports.

more than $1.06m in cash, $347,895 in jewelry and silver bars, and gold coins worth $92,623

A raid at his home in April 2019 led to the discovery of more than $1.06m in cash, $347,895 in jewelry and silver bars, and gold coins worth $92,623. 

The prosecution is seeking a personal money judgment worth $8m against DelGiudice. The ring leader is facing charges of conspiracy to run an illegal gambling operation, money laundering, and conspiracy to launder money. 

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