Isle of Capri Casino Fined After Mom Sneaks Underage Son Inside

  • Mother distracted staff to sneak underage son inside after he was denied entry twice
  • The Isle of Capri Casino has been ordered to pay a $10,000 fine
  • Lakeside Casino in Osceola was also fined this week over an incident involving a minor
judge's gavel rest on stack of banknotes
The Isle of Capri Casino has been fined $10,000 due to a mother sneaking her underage son inside the venue in September 2019. [Image:]

IRGC issues fine

The Isle of Capri Casino in Bettendorf has been fined $10,000 by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) due to an incident that occurred last year involving a minor gaining access to the gaming floor.

Daniell Skrogstad helped her underage son access the casino in September and then tried to force money from the casino for allowing him inside.

Charged and convicted

For her part in the incident, Skrogstad was charged and convicted with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Isle of Capri Casino General Manager Nancy Ballenger stated that violations of this type are not common. Staff stopped Skrogstad’s son from entering the facility twice before she took action into her own hands to get him inside. Commenting on the incident, Ballenger said:

It was only when the mother distracted our staff that he was able to gain access to the floor.”

According to the general manager, the last time this type of incident took place was close to nine years ago. During the IRGC meeting, Ballenger stated she is proud of the program and training provided at the casino to prohibit minors from the gaming floor.

Commissioner Jeff Lamberti stated that the state needs to consider tougher penalties for adults who help minors gain entry to casinos in the state.

Not the only fined issued this week

The IRGC also fined the Lakeside Casino in Osceola this week. The casino is located about three hours from Isle of Capri Casino. A $20,000 fine was issued as a result of an underage male accessing the casino in August 2019.

Dave Monroe, general manager of the Lakeside Casino, was at the commission meeting and stated that the venue takes the responsibility to keep minors off the casino floor very seriously. The venue reportedly has strong controls in place, but the security measures failed in this instance due to the fact that they were not carried out.

According to Monroe, they card everyone under 40 years of age. The casino does not allow anyone with an invalid ID inside, even if the patron is clearly over the age of 21. The casino cards players who leave the venue and come back again to ensure security.

The Lakeside Casino has since addressed the problem with employees. The venue retrained employees and conversations take place constantly during pre-shift meetings to discuss the issue. Monroe does not anticipate any underage problems in the future.