Whistleblower Claims Rainbow Casino Infested With Mice

  • Mice seen on gaming floor, in the staffroom, and even in the kitchen
  • Whistleblower recalls one mouse crawling up a customer's leg
  • Bristol City Council still investigating reports of an infestation
vulgaris house mouse
A former Rainbow Casino employee has claimed that the venue has been infested with mice for a long time, despite an environmental health team being satisfied by its findings. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Mice caught on camera

Rainbow Casino in the English city of Bristol is reportedly infested with mice. A former employee of the city center venue has spoken exclusively to Bristol Live, claiming that mice have been seen everywhere in the casino.

came forward after a customer reported finding traps under her table

The whistleblower came forward after a customer reported finding traps under her table. The ex-staff member has also shared footage that allegedly shows a mouse next to the milk machine in the casino’s kitchen. She has also claimed that management failed to take the problem seriously.

Long-running issue

The whistleblower, who has been reported as Imogen in a bid to protect her identity, worked at the casino from May to November in 2019.

According to her, mice were a big problem at that time. Mice could get into areas where drinks and food were prepared. She recalled one incident in which a mouse reportedly crawled up a customer’s leg. This caused a disturbance because the customer screamed when it happened.

Imogen says she saw the mice during most shifts as they moved around the main casino floor and could be found in the casino’s restaurant. She also reported seeing them in the staffroom and kitchen. Reflecting on how the mice were used to people, Imogen stated:

They had been around so long many of them were no longer scared of people.”

Imogen said customers complained about the mice on many occassions during the period she worked at Rainbow Casino. While customers were eating at the casino, mice reportedly wandered around looking for crumbs. Imogen felt bad serving food in an environment were mice were present.

Employees have since told Imogen that mice are still a massive problem at the casino.

Workplace complaints

Imogen has pointed out that the rodents are not the casino’s only problem. She said Rainbow Casino was horrible to work for and claimed they do not value staff members at all.

Management allegedly had staff members training others while doing their job at the same time, which led to poor customer services. Due to the reported high turnover rate, new people were being brought in on a regular basis. The casino has also been accused of belittling staff members in front of customers.

Response from relevant authorities

Rainbow Casino has stated that Bristol City Council’s environmental health team is satisfied with how the casino has handled the situation. However, the council has confirmed that they are still investigating reports of an infestation at the casino.

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