Hamilton Boss Brian Rice Reports Himself Over Gambling Breaches

  • Could be suspended for up to 16 matches and fined £100,000 ($130,000)
  • Admitted to breaching gambling rules in each season from July 2015 through October 2019
  • Hoping his admission will help others find strength to seek help for gambling addiction
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Hamilton Accies boss Brian Rice has opened up about his gambling addiction after reporting his own breaches to the Scottish FA. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Wrote to the Scottish FA

Hamilton Academical F.C. head coach Brian Rice faces a hearing at the end of the month after admitting to breaching the Scottish FA’s gambling rules.

admitted to breaching the rules in each season between July 14, 2015 and October 15, 2019

The club shared a statement on Twitter acknowledging the fact that it had received a notice of complaint from the Scottish FA (SFA) about the breaches. Many supporters have commented on the post to share their support for Rice, who has has previously admitted to gambling addiction.

According to Rice, he wrote a letter to the SFA to report his gambling breaches. He admitted to the disease so that he can commit to recovery.

The Accies coach has admitted to breaching the rules in each season between July 14, 2015 and October 15, 2019.

Hearing date set

Rice, who became the head coach of the Accies in January 2019, described his actions as a ‘lapse’. The 56-year-old now faces a hearing on January 30.

The SFA has accused Rice of breaching disciplinary rule 31, which covers gambling and the sport. The rule states that no club, official, team official, or other staff member, match official, or person under the SFA jurisdiction may gamble on any soccer match.

Reflecting on his actions, Rice said: “I would like to express my regret to the players, coaching staff and my friends and colleagues.”

Rice faces being suspended for between three and 16 matches. He may also have to pay a £100,000 ($130,000) fine.

Praised for reporting himself

The Accies boss admitted that the decision to report himself was one of the hardest he has ever made. He has struggled with gambling addiction in the past and admits that he is an addict who must be honest with himself during the recovery process.

He accepts the fact that his conduct will result in punishment and is speaking out to remove the stigma that is attached to the disease. Rice hopes others will be able to draw strength from his admission and seek help.

Colin McGowan spoke on the behalf of the Board of Hamilton Academical F.C. in the statement. McGowan said that Rice’s actions were

a show of colossal strength and inspiration.”

According to McGowan, Rice has reengaged with professionals and is fully committed to the recovery process. He has total support from the club’s board.

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