Encore Boston Harbor Grappling With Minors Using Fake IDs

  • Security personnel turning away between 600 and 800 people each month due to ID issues
  • Hardwired ID verification systems set to be installed at all entrances
  • Less entrances are now available at the casino to prevent minors slipping through security
no under 21 year olds sign on door
Verification systems are set to be installed at the Encore Boston Harbor in a bid to fight back against minors trying to access the facility with fake IDs. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Security having a difficult time

Security personnel at the Encore Boston Harbor in Everett are having a difficult time dealing with the number of minors trying to enter the facility with fake IDs.

turning away between 600 and 800 guests each month due to invalid or fake IDs

The facility is turning away between 600 and 800 guests each month due to invalid or fake IDs. Minors are using sophisticated fake IDs to fool security personnel. Therefore, the casino is set to introduce new measures.

Changes are being made

Security personnel at the Encore Boston Harbor have had to be on their toes since the facility opened at the end of June 2019.

By the end of September, just three months after opening, the property had stopped over 2,500 minors from entering the casino. A total of 128 of these minors were able to reach the gaming floor.

The minors who gained entry to the casino were able to spend at least an hour on average on the gaming floor. Legally, players must be 21 years of age or older to access this area of the property.

During the facility’s last quarterly report, Jacqui Krum, vice president of the Encore Boston Harbor, told commissioners that changes were being made to deal with the issues involving minors. She said:

We will continue to address the minors on the gaming floor at every level.”

The casino now has less entrances to the gaming floor. The property will also install hardwired scanners in the future to detect fake and invalid IDs.

Fight against fake IDs

Most of the rejected IDs are fakes. According to Krum, the fakes are very good, or they belong to a family member that is of age and the minor is trying to use the card to get in.

Many of the people caught are going to one the casino’s nightclubs. There, hardwired VeriDoc machines check and verify ID. These machines spot the fake IDs and security personnel direct the individuals out of the facility.

The worst case involving a minor gaining access to the casino involved an individual that spent three-and-a-half hours on the gaming floor before being removed by security. The individual played table games. The dealers assumed that security checked the individuals’s ID before entry.

The Encore Boston Harbor has received help from the Gaming Enforcement Unit, which includes State Police, of the commission to decrease the number of fake IDs being used by minors.

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