2020 WPT Champs Who Qualify via ClubWPT Will Earn $1,000,000 Bonus

  • Those who satellite into WPT event through ClubWPT eligible for $1,000,000 bonus
  • $950,000 of the prize is cash, $50,000 is for specific WPT buy-ins and travel expenses
  • ClubWPT is a subscription-based online poker room; only payment is membership fee
one million dollars in cash
Players who satellite into a 2020 WPT Main Tour event through ClubWPT and win it will receive a $1,000,000 bonus. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Extra incentive for claiming the WPT Champions Cup

ClubWPT has announced a new promotion that gives its paid VIP members the chance for further enrichment if they can conquer the World Poker Tour (WPT).

For the rest of the year, any ClubWPT VIP member who qualifies for a WPT Main Tour event and proceeds to win it will receive the new “ClubWPT $1,000,000 Bonus” on top of the regular prize money.

what better way to reward their loyalty than this life-changing promotion.”

“ClubWPT’s VIP members are the biggest poker fans in the world and what better way to reward their loyalty than this life-changing promotion,” said WPT VP of Online Services Jeremy Clemons in yesterday’s announcement.

The first Main Tour event with the bonus at stake is the WPT Gardens Poker Championship in the Los Angeles area. The poker festival has been underway for a while, but the Main Event begins on Thursday.

Most, but not all, is in cash

The promotional prize is a little more complicated than just the winner receiving a check for $1,000,000.

According to the official rules, $100,000 of the prize is specifically earmarked for World Poker Tour buy-ins and appearances. Even more specifically, $50,000 of that is for WPT buy-ins and travel expenses, while the other $50,000 is cash.

There are more restrictions on the $50,000 allocated to WPT buy-ins, as well. The fine print states that the sum “can only be used to play in official World Poker Tour Main Tour TV events held within the calendar year immediately following the day of winning the qualifying Main Tour Event.”

The winner gets $10,000 for each of the five buy-ins; if the tournament costs less than that, the difference will be awarded in cash. If the player does not play in one of those televised events, the portion of the prize allotted for that tournament is forfeited.

It is not abundantly clear if any of the $50,000 cash portion is forfeited if the winner skips one of the televised events. The rules say, “there will not be a $10,000 cash payment or substitute tournament provided,” but it is vague as to whether that $10,000 refers to the buy-in and travel payment or the flat-cash payment.

The other $900,000 of the total prize will be paid in nine annual installments of $100,000.

Pay a fee, play for free

ClubWPT is a subscription-based online poker site. Rather than depositing real money and then playing poker with said funds, players pay for a membership and then play poker for no additional charge. No money is actually at risk.

Millions of people in the U.S. are able to play on ClubWPT legally because it conforms to state sweepstakes laws

The service is available in 35 states. Millions of people in the U.S. are able to play on ClubWPT legally because it conforms to state sweepstakes laws.

The site gives members access to full episodes of WPT broadcasts, magazine issues, coupons, and ticket discounts. These other offerings, combined with the fact that players aren’t risking real money at the poker tables, help keep ClubWPT legal.

To compete in the WPT qualifiers, ClubWPT VIP members must earn tournament points (TPs) by playing in various free tournaments. Every player who pays for a VIP membership receives 500 TPs upon signing up. These TPs are then used as buy-ins for the ClubWPT satellites.

Starting January 14, ClubWPT VIP memberships will cost $27.95 per month, $74.95 quarterly, or $264.95 annually.

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