Bet365 Lifts the Lid on Player Protection Measures

  • Key measures outlined in the Strategic Report section of the company's latest financial report
  • Utilizing a number of systems that help identify customers with a gambling problem
  • Working closely with GamCare to improve its approach to communicating with gamblers
  • Bet365 plans to continue improving its player protection systems in 2020
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Bet365 has lifted the lid on measures it has introduced to protect players, including ‘EROS’, an early-risk detection system. [Image:]

Key measures outlined

Bet365 has highlighted key measures the company has introduced to beef up its player protection and safer gambling practices.

These measures have been outlined in the Strategic Report section of the online betting giant’s latest financial report. Bet365 spoke about its “unwavering commitment to deliver industry-leading approaches to player protection.”

Bet365’s early-risk detection system ‘EROS’ monitors customer activity

Bet365’s early-risk detection system ‘EROS’ monitors customer activity and highlights accounts that exhibit some signs of potential problem gambling.

In recent times, Bet365 has been working to improve its EROS system with the help of various machine learning strategies. This was done to try and improve the effectiveness of identifying risky behaviors. The latest version of EROS will enter an initial testing period in the coming months. 

Partners helping to develop tools

Bet365 is also working with a social research firm called Focal Research to help analyze player data.

The aim of this partnership is to identify customers that are exhibiting high-risk behavior. This partnership also influences the communication approach Bet365 takes with customers with potential gambling problems.

Bet365 is also working closing with GamCare to improve its direct interactions with customers. This includes providing special training for the customer support staff who deal directly with customers. 

Part of this new training includes giving the customer support team members key skills and strategies for helping customers to control their gambling habits. 

Players are better informed

One of the reasons that Bet365 is focusing on these types of player protection tools is to help its customers become more informed about their gambling activity. It gives customers more flexibility in terms of managing their gambling. It also provides them with behavioral data that showcases the extent of a customer’s gambling activity. 

Bet365 has recently introduced a new tool that allows customers to block themselves from accessing the site at certain times or days of the week. This can be implemented on a one-off basis or made regular with a repeated access block.

allows customers to block themselves from accessing the site at certain times or days of the week

The online betting giant launched a new website solely focusing on responsible gambling for customers. This covers a wide range of different jurisdictions and languages.

It provides customers with information about how to spot potential gambling problems, what can be done about them, and also provides resources to help them get the help they need. 

Striving to raise standards

Commenting on its commitment to player protection, Bet365 said: “The group recognizes that player protection is not a competitive exercise. To that end, the impact of its systems and the positive results it identifies through internal research are routinely shared across the industry.”

Bet365 plans to continue improving its player protection systems in 2020. The online betting giant also said that it is happy to work with regulators and other operators to help raise standards across the industry. This will result in an overall safer gambling environment for customers.

Backlash over losing players

Bet365 faced a backlash over its treatment of losing customers in the recent past.

An investigation was launched into allegations surrounding Bet365 giving cash rebates of up to 10% of losses to losing gamblers. These losing customers would also be given sporting event tickets and the likes if they hit certain net loss thresholds.

After the Daily Mail broke this story, a number of MPs and campaigners called for gambling laws to be updated to prevent this sort of practice from taking place.  

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