PokerStars “Dare to Stream” Platinum Pass Winners Selected

  • “Ghilley” and “RichyRob” awarded Platinum Passes
  • Competition required many creative hours of Twitch streaming
  • Platinum Pass package to 2020 PSPC valued at more than €26,000 ($29,054)
PokerStars logo against a leather case
“Ghilley” and “RichyRob” received 2020 PSPC Platinum Passes in PokerStars’ “Dare to Stream” contest. [Image:]

Platinum Pass coveted poker prize

This week, PokerStars streamers Georgina “GJReggie” James and Mason “pyefacepoker” Pye announced the winners of the PokerStars “Dare to Stream” promotion. “Ghilley” and “RichyRob” were selected, each winning a Platinum Pass.

A Platinum Pass is a prize package to the 2020 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) in Barcelona. It includes a €22,500 ($25,143) entry into the PSPC, accommodations at a five-star hotel in Barcelona for six nights, and €1,250 ($1,397) in travel expenses.

Ghilley and RichyRob also won $1,000 deposited into their PokerStars accounts and a streaming-ready PC.

Effusive praise from the judges

Prior to the winner reveals, GJReggie and pyefacepoker shared a 30-plus minute video montage of the contest entries on Twitch. Pye himself put the video together, highlighting both PokerStars players who were familiar streaming faces and those new to streaming.

GJReggie and pyefacepoker shared a 30-plus minute video montage of the contest entries on Twitch

GJReggie was up first, announcing Ghilley as the first Platinum Pass recipient. She said that Ghilley had a consistently strong challenge, coming up with loads of new ideas. She praised him specifically for including members of the poker community in his streams, stating:

“….he’s put in so much time and effort into the entirety of the community,” she added, “supporting them along the way….”

Pye’s announcement of RichyRob got to the reveal immediately.

“I don’t think anyone can argue with the amount of work you’ve put into Twitch poker, into everyone’s streams,” pyefacepoker said in his video to RichyRob.

“You are an amazing ambassador for Twitch poker,” he continued, “you’ve helped everyone out from their first streams. You’ve gone out of your way…you’ve absolutely smashed it out of the park.”

Winners had to be streaming standouts

As might be apparent, the Dare to Stream promotion required a commitment to streaming poker content. Players were first required to link their PokerStars and Twitch accounts, which could be done on the Android or iOS apps, in the desktop poker client, or on the PokerStars website.

Once that was done, Platinum Pass hopefuls had to put in some work. They were required to watch the PokerStars Central channel on Twitch for 24 hours and they had to stream themselves playing on PokerStars for at least 10 hours.

GJReggie and pyefacepoker judged the entries on “innovation,” “entertainment value,” and “quality of production.”

PokerStars said that more than 100 people entered the Dare to Stream contest. Most, but not all, met the streaming requirements.

PokerStars has awarded 48 Platinum Passes so far. Many more will be given out by the time the PSPC rolls around in August 2020. A total of 320 Platinum Passes were awarded for the first PSPC, held in January 2019.

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