GGNetwork Launches All-In or Fold Bingo

  • Winning hole cards are matched up with bingo card
  • Player wins cash if two bingo lines are completed within 30 hands
  • Prizes range from 4 to 800 big blinds, depending on the game
Poker player shoving all his chips into the pot
The GGNetwork has introduced All-in or Fold Bingo, a new bonus feature tacked on to its All-in or Fold poker games. [Image:]

Up to 800 big blinds can be won

Asia-facing online poker network GGNetwork has introduced a new feature to its All-in or Fold (AoF) games to give players a shot at additional cash prizes. The add-on, called All-in or Fold Bingo, awards players up to 800 big blinds from a running prize fund.

AoF is effectively a side game, overlaid on top of the current poker table window. Contrast that to Short Deck Hold’em, launched a month ago, which is its own poker variant. AoF Bingo does not appear to be optional, though players do not have to actively participate in the bingo game to win.

AoF is effectively a side game, overlaid on top of the current poker table window

The GGNetwork is made up of 14 member poker rooms, including its flagship site, GGPoker. GGPoker recently made waves by signing Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu as an ambassador.

Hole cards are the bingo balls

When players load an All-in or Fold table, a three-by-three bingo card now appears on the left side of the window, below the left-most seat. Each of the nine squares on the bingo card is represented by one of the 52 cards in the poker deck.

When a player wins a hand, spaces on the bingo card are marked off if they match either or both of the player’s hole cards. The hand must go to showdown to count for All-in or Fold Bingo.

If a player completes two lines on the bingo card within 30 hands at the table, that player wins cash instantly. If a player does not like the look of the bingo card, it can be refreshed if there are fewer than 20 hands left. The hand limit then resets. Ties do not count as wins.

The poker room takes a fee of 0.1 big blinds per hand to fund the AoF Bingo prize pool.

In All-in or Fold Hold’em games, prizes for winning Bingo are 8, 20, 40, 80, or 800 big blinds. The exact amount is determined at the time of the win, based on a probability table.

The 8 big blind prize will come up 73.7% of the time and 20 big blinds will be awarded 21.5% of the time. Thus, the vast majority of the prizes will be those two amounts. The top prize, 800 big blinds, has just a 0.30% chance of hitting.

The prize amounts are for AoF Omaha are exactly half that of Hold’em. The 4 big blind and 10 big blind prizes have probabilities of 63.5% and 30.1%, respectively. The top prize has a 0.40% chance.

Just one decision to make

All-in or Fold games are designed to appeal to recreational players. The severely reduced decision-making brings the playing field closer to even between skilled and novice players. Hands also go by very quickly, making games more exciting.

players only have two options pre-flop: shove all-in or fold

In the four-handed AoF Hold’em games, players only have two options pre-flop: shove all-in or fold, as the name suggests. The buy-in is just 8 big blinds, so no single pot is make-or-break. But since entire stacks are won and lost almost every hand, reloads can add up. Players can take money off the table whenever they would like.

All-in or Fold Omaha is slightly different. Players still only have the option to move all-in or fold, but the flop is dealt immediately, so everyone sees the first three cards before having to make a decision. The buy-in for AoF Omaha is 4 big blinds.

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