Casino Streamer ‘The Captain Davo’ Wins AU$250k on a Slot Machine

  • David Nicholas is a 25-year-old Australian who showcases gambling exploits on social media
  • He live streams his play and holds weekly question and answer sessions on Facebook
  • Anti-gambling groups believe that this sort of publicity glamorizes the gambling industry
'The Captain Davo' in a beach with five women
Australian casino streamer ‘The Captain Davo’ has uploaded a video of him winning AU$250k (US$171k) on a slot at Melbourne’s Crown casino. [Image: The Captain Davo – Instagram]

Wins and wealth flaunted

Casino streamer David Nicholas, better known ‘The Captain Davo’, is renowned for showcasing his biggest wins on social media platforms.

With 653,000 Instagram followers and even more people subscribed to his YouTube channel, 25-year-old Nicholas documents the highs and lows of gambling vast amounts of money on an almost daily basis.

uploaded a video to show off one of his latest wins after winning AU$250,000 (US$171,280) on a slot machine

Last week the high-rolling gambler uploaded a video to show off one of his latest wins after winning AU$250,000 (US$171,280) on a slot machine, or pokies as they are known as in Australia.

Melbourne Crown

The YouTube video he uploaded begins with the high-roller showing a balance of AU$7,000 (US$4,795) on a slot machine at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. It is unknown how much he had deposited beforehand.

As the jackpot on the Rising Fortune slot machine he is playing hits 13 minutes later, one of his friends can be heard saying, “Are you serious? Dude, are you serious?” The video has now been viewed over 125,000 times since it was uploaded last week.

According to the Queensland government, the chances of winning the maximum prize on a slot machine is just one in seven million.

Who is ‘The Captain Davo’?

David Nicholas, 25, is an Adelaide-based high-roller who goes by the name ‘The Captain Davo’ to showcase his gambling exploits. Although he also calls himself Mark Petersfield on his YouTube channel, where his description reads:

“Hi there! Mark Petersfield here, also known as The Captain Davo! I started my gambling career when I was 18 years old. Since then I have been diagnosed as an addict. Cheers!”

Splashing the cash

Over on Instagram, the self-described gambling addict shows fans how he spends his money by posting images of a AU$400,000 (US$271,000) Porsche 911 Carrera GT3 and lots of snaps with women in bikinis. His social media profiles display gambling adverts and the influencer often hosts live videos on Facebook to answer questions from his fan base.

The way that gambling high rollers use social media has been condemned by anti-gambling charities, who warn that it ‘glamorizes’ the industry.

Baptist minister Tim Costello, a spokesman for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, believes that this type of attitude is fueling higher gambling addiction rates, especially among youngsters.

Costello believes that these high-profile wins are only setting youngsters up to fail

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Costello said: “The biggest jump is in young people, almost certainly that would be because of social media. These sorts of social influencers are really just puppets of the industry.”

With the likelihood of winning on slots being very slim, Costello believes that these high-profile wins are only setting youngsters up to fail, especially when dealing with unscrupulous operators.

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