Two Men Sentenced For Robbing 73-Year-Old Irish Casino Winner

  • Victim followed home from The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in 2016
  • Declan Connolly acted as the getaway driver, Brian English was the spotter
  • The elderly woman suffered cuts and bruises after being attacked and robbed by a third man
  • Connolly sent a letter of apology and attended counseling sessions for his gambling addiction
man in handcuffs behind bars
Two men have been sentenced for their role in robbing a 73-year-old woman after she scored a big roulette win at an Irish casino in 2016. [Image:]

Robbed of roulette winnings

Declan Connolly and Brian English were sentenced at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court this week for their role in the robbery of a 73-year-old woman in 2016.

The female victim was attacked and robbed of €23,000 ($25,450) she had just won at The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin, Ireland. Both men pled guilty to their role in the 2016 robbery, having worked together to steal the woman’s roulette winnings outside her home.

Details heard in court

Judge Martin Nolan sentenced Connolly to five years in prison with two and half years suspended. English was handed a three-year suspended sentence. Connolly received a longer sentence as the getaway driver. English acted as the spotter during the incident.

The court heard that the elderly victim had just won €23,000 ($25,450) playing roulette at the Fitzwilliam. CCTV footage from inside the casino showed English monitoring her as she moved throughout the venue following her win.

the elderly victim had just won €23,000 ($25,450) playing roulette at the Fitzwilliam

While English was the spotter inside the casino, that was essentially his only role. English and Connolly used mobile phones to stay in contact while the victim was inside the casino. Footage also showed English approaching Connolly’s car, which was used as the getaway vehicle.

Based on CCTV footage, police believe the getaway vehicle had false plates. However, details of the vehicle helped police trace it back to Connolly.

The victim was attacked at the mailbox outside her home. The third man involved in the incident got out of Connolly’s car and robbed her. This man has yet to appear before the court.

According to Detective Garda Peter Lyons, the attacker dragged the victim down into an embankment. She suffered cuts and bruises from the incident.

Connolly’s role

Judge Martin Nolan stated that Connolly expressed genuine remorse regarding the incident, but the crime was serious and clearly planned. He also noted the amount of money involved.

The judge stated that Connolly played a major role in the incident and that he ‘knew what was going to happen’.

Connolly has no prior convictions for violence and was found to have a positive work history. His attorney pointed out that the most culpable, the third man and attacker, was not in court. Connolly appeared before the court to apologize for his actions. He said:

I have never been involved in anything like this before or since.”

The defendant stated that he has been attending counseling regularly to deal with an addition to gambling. He also sent the victim an apology letter.

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