Everi, Golden Nugget Online Ink Mechanical Slots Deal

  • Everi supplying products exclusively to GoldenNuggetCasino.com
  • Titles are online versions of award-winning mechanical three-reel slots
  • Golden Nugget encouraging land-based slots players to play online
Triple Threat slots screenshot
Everi and Golden Nugget have formed a partnership to bring Everi’s mechanical, three-reel slots to Golden Nugget’s online casino. [Image: nj-casino.goldennuggetcasino.com]

Exclusive partnership

Slot machine manufacturer Everi Holdings Inc. announced this week that it has partnered with GoldenNuggetCasino.com to launch seven slots titles on the site’s real money New Jersey online casino. The games, including Triple Threat and Black Diamond, are exclusive to Golden Nugget’s interactive casino.

Golden Nugget can now tap into Everi’s games directly and future games can be delivered quickly

Everi has integrated its Remote Game Server (RGS) with Golden Nugget’s online casino. The upshot of this is that Golden Nugget can now tap into Everi’s games directly and future games can be delivered quickly.

Titles are online versions of mechanical slots

Ordinarily, a business deal like this might not be particularly newsworthy. Golden Nugget, after all, has many slots offerings at its interactive casino. What is interesting about the Everi team-up is that Everi specializes in physical slot machines. Moreover, the specific titles it is bringing to Golden Nugget are mechanical slot machines, or ‘steppers’.

Steppers are traditional-looking, three-reel, mechanical slot machines. The results are determined by a computerized random number generator (RNG). Each position on the reel strip is given a certain probability. The jackpot symbols, for instance, are given extremely low probabilities, while empty, white space is programmed with a high probability of occurrence. When a player presses the spin button, the RNG locks in the result and the mechanical reels stop in specific spots based on what the RNG produced.

Golden Nugget is the New Jersey leader in online gaming revenue, amassing nearly $141 million in internet gaming win this year through October. Total internet gaming win year-to-date for the state is $384 million. The new mechanical slots should serve to bring in even more gaming dollars.

In a press release, Golden Nugget’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Thomas Winter said:

Everi’s land-based stepper titles and entertaining video slot games represent a unique content profile that we know will resonate well with our online players.”

Trying to attract traditional casino slots players

Integrating Everi’s three-reel mechanical slot machine could be a move by Golden Nugget to target land-based gamblers, typically an older demographic. Though online casinos are a way for people who are not as mobile to be able to gamble, internet gambling still skews younger than land-based gambling.

Video slots, with dozens of reels and intricate animations, can be quite entertaining, but they can also be difficult to understand. Three-reel steppers are much simpler. They typically have a more familiar feel to those who have been visiting casinos for decades.

Thus, adding more steppers to its site – and Everi’s popular land-based titles, in particular – could make brick-and-mortar gamblers more comfortable transitioning to online.

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