GTA Online Casino Boosts Player Spending by 23%

  • New virtual casino feature added to GTA Online in-game in July
  • Led to best-ever quarter for recurrent spending on GTA and new online user acquisition
  • Diamond Casino and Resort launched five years after game’s initial release
  • In-game casino not available to players in 50 countries for legal compliance reasons
GTA Online casino
The July release of the GTA Online casino feature saw an increase in recurrent consumer spending of 23%, according to the latest Q2 earnings results for parent company Take-Two Interactive. [Image: GTA Online]

Casino feature a success

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s in-game casino feature has led to a 23% rise in recurrent customer spending. The data comes from the recently published Q2 earnings of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of the online game’s publisher Rockstar Games.

a new record for the GTA Online game after the casino feature was introduced

This sets a new record for the GTA Online game after the casino feature was introduced in July. The company also saw a year-on-year increase of 39% in recurrent consumer spending.

Recurrent consumer spending is a metric that is used to record the revenue coming from in-game offerings such as premium current plus other content and goods.

Speaking about the Diamond Casino and Resort feature, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said: “This update was Grand Theft Auto Online‘s biggest content launch ever, delivering record player engagement across daily, weekly, and monthly active users in July, and then again in August.”

Q2 was also the best-ever quarter for acquiring new online users. 

In-game casino’s make-up

The Diamond Casino and Resort is a virtual offering set in the fictional state of San Andreas, which is a loose proxy for California. It took five years for the virtual casino to make its way into the game. An ‘Opening Soon’ sign appeared on the property in-game since GTA Online‘s release, but players were not able to enter it. 

It took five years for the virtual casino to make its way into the game

The casino launch saw the addition of new missions as well as in-game content such as new items and cars. A completely playable casino allowed players to partake in the likes of blackjack, poker, and slot machines. 

GTA players cannot gamble using real money or cash out in-game currency. However, they can use real cash to purchase in-game currency which can then be transferred into casino chips. Initially, legislators were concerned that the GTA casino would be operating as a true online casino. 

Conservative approach taken

Rockstar Games, the publisher of GTA, took great care to ensure compliance with regulations when developing and releasing the casino offering.

As a result, the casino feature is not offered to people in 50 different countries, in view of GTA Online‘s social gambling aspects and in-game transactions. Rockstar Games did not want to take any chances and potentially open itself up for legal action. 

With players around the world anticipating the casino launch for many years, many were left disappointed when they found out the casino was blocked in their region. 

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