Robert Campbell Awarded WSOP POY Title After Data Entry Error

  • 15 players credited with cashes in Event #68 because of copy/paste error
  • Daniel Negreanu drops to 3rd in POY standings, Robert Campbell wins, Shaun Deeb 2nd
  • Negreanu accepts apology, acknowledges mistakes happen
  • Deeb and Doug Polk angry, suspect Negreanu knew of mistake all along
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Daniel Negreanu was accidentally awarded WSOP POY because of a data entry error. Robert Campbell is the POY after a correction. [Image:]

Mistake not found until Friday

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is in damage control mode this weekend after a record keeping error was discovered which changed the WSOP Player of the Year standings.

Daniel Negreanu, who was originally named POY, dropped to third

After the mistake was corrected, Robert Campbell claimed the Player of the Year title. Daniel Negreanu, who was originally named POY, dropped to third, and Shaun Deeb moved up to second.

Poker journalist Alex Elenskiy noticed the error on Friday, tweeting it to the WSOP’s attention. The WSOP quickly investigated, fixed the problem, and put out a statement explaining the situation Friday evening.

Copy/paste error gave Negreanu extra points

According to the WSOP, the results for places 32-46 of this summer’s Event #87: $3,000 HORSE were inadvertently copied over the same finishing spots for Event #68: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship. Players did not retroactively receive money for a cash, as the data entry error was made a couple weeks later, but they were given WSOP POY points.

Because of this, Daniel Negreanu was given 213.1 Player of the Year points that he did not earn. 14 other players were also awarded points in error.

The correct top three in the WSOP POY standings are now 1) Robert Campbell – 3,961.31 points, 2) Shaun Deeb – 3,917.32 points, 3) Daniel Negreanu – 3,861.76 points.

In statement, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart apologized, saying, in part, “It is an amazing thing when poker players pursue history and a sense of sporting honor, and thus it’s a terrible embarrassment for us to stain a great race for the title.”

Negreanu not upset

Daniel Negreanu posted a response on his blog at Saturday morning, saying he has no hard feelings.

“It’s an unfortunate situation, but mistakes happen and life goes on,” he said. “I’m genuinely happy for Robert Campbell because I know how much it meant to him and I also feel he was deserving, having won two bracelets this year.”

Negreanu added that the WSOP Player of the Year race did affect his strategy at WSOP Europe. Had he known the correct standings, there were a few instances that he likely would have strategized differently. He reiterated, though, that he was happy with how things went and has no regrets.

Deeb, Doug Polk accuse Negreanu of shenanigans

Not everyone is taking the news with a smile and a shrug. Shaun Deeb is clearly angry about things, tweeting that he is “in shock.” He added:

really frustrated time to check all my cashes and see if they missed any I know there was a 1500 6m that was missing from 25k fantasy for a while.”

Deeb went so far as to accuse Negreanu of cheating, saying, “Two things Its [sic] amazing Daniel wouldn’t bet on me with poy cuz he was afraid I would cheat when he’s the one caught trying to cheat.”

He continued by saying that the WSOP should name him and Campbell co-Players of the Year.

Doug Polk sided with Deeb, accusing Negreanu of funny business.

“There is a serious chance Daniel knew he was benefiting from the POY error and didnt [sic] say anything,” Polk tweeted. “What is the chance someone completely obsessed with the POY race, didn’t realize they were getting a bunch of points incorrectly?”

“Doesnt add up imo,” he tweeted in a follow-up post.

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