25 Millionaires Guaranteed as Part of National Lottery’s 25th Birthday Celebrations

  • A number of special events are set to take place throughout November
  • On November 8, there will be a guaranteed 25 people getting £1m ($1.3m)
  • A guaranteed jackpot of £25m ($32.3m) will be up for grabs on November 23
  • National Lottery scratch cards will have an enhanced probability of winning £25 ($32.30)
UK National Lottery logo
25 guaranteed £1m ($1.3m) wins form part of the special celebratory campaign taking place throughout November to mark the UK National Lottery’s 25th birthday. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Camelot to create many new millionaires in November

Camelot UK is launching a ‘November Bonanza’ to celebrate the 25th birthday of the National Lottery. The UK lottery operator has been communicating with its retail partners about the month-long celebratory campaign, which is set to involve a number of different events. 

25 people guaranteed to become millionaires

On November 8, the Euro Millions draw will contain a special boost in the form of the ‘25 UK Millionaires’ event, which will see 25 people guaranteed to become millionaires. 

Big birthday jackpot

Camelot is guaranteeing a £25m ($32m) ‘Birthday Jackpot’ on November 23 to commemorate the UK National Lottery’s first draw on November 19, 1994. The jackpot win is guaranteed even if no participant matches all six main numbers.

Camelot expects the special draw to generate additional sales of about £5m ($6.5m). All tickets for the Birthday Jackpot will be sent out to retailers across the UK on November 11. 

jackpot win is guaranteed even if no participant matches all six main numbers

Other birthday celebrations include enhancing the standard £2 ($2.58) scratch card, which usually comes with a £250,000 ($323,000) jackpot. For the month of November, Camelot is increasing the probability of getting a £25 ($32.30) payout for this National Lottery scratch card. 

Extensive advertising campaign for the event

To communicate its birthday celebration plans, the National Lottery launched its ‘The Magic Number’ advertising campaign nationwide.

The National Lottery also notes that over the years, £40bn ($51.7bn) has gone towards more than 530,000 national charities and special directives thanks to the Big Lottery Fund.

Camelot UK’s Chief Marketing Officer, Keith Moor, said: “The National Lottery was set up to raise money for Good Causes and National Lottery players raise around £30 million ($39m) every single week for this purpose – so we knew straight away that should be the focus of the 25th birthday campaign.” All National Lottery social and digital channels will have a birthday theme for the month. 

The National Lottery is also planning a Christmas-themed event that will start to appear in retail stores on December 9. This will see a £15m ($19.4m) jackpot up for grabs on Christmas Day. 

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