Camelot Pulls £10 Scratchcards to Protect Gamblers from Addiction

  • UKGC data found £10 scratchcard games possibly fueled gambling addiction problems
  • This prompted Camelot's further research and voluntary decision to withdraw cards from sale
  • Section 6 Scratchcard Class License changed to cover only £1, £2, £3 and £5 price points
  • £10 games to remain inactive until current license period comes to an end in January 2023
UK scratchcards assortment
The UK National Lottery operator will no longer be selling £10 scratchcards amid fears that these may fuel gambling addiction. [Image:]

Sales halted

The Camelot Group, the operator of the UK National Lottery, has announced that £10 ($13) scratchcards will no longer be sold.

fear of fueling gambling addiction in players

Citing player protection considerations, Camelot removed the cards due to fear of fueling gambling addiction in players. The operator told shops to no longer sell the tickets but honored wins from previously sold tickets.

Thorough research

Camelot’s decision to withdraw the scratchcards from sale came as part of its player protection program.

a possible link between problem gamblers and scratchcards

The operator commissioned further research after the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) identified new information highlighting a possible link between problem gamblers and scratchcards. The review included player polling and game designs, along with other data.

According to the UKGC, the data showed that the association of scratchcards with problem gambling is not consistent with the game being a legitimate leisure activity. The commission determined that the games fell short of proper player protections.

Camelot recognized that the association between scratchcards and problem gambling did not connect to standards set for the company to provide low-risk products. The lottery operator then voluntarily agreed to withdraw £10 price point scratchcards associated with the £4 Million Red and £4 Million Black games. Games under the Section 6 Diamond 7 Scratchcard License were also affected.

Licensing changes

The £10 scratch games removal was effective from September 27. It saw the Section 6 Scratchcard Class License changed, with scratchcard games price points now set at £1, £2, £3, and £5 ($1.30, $2.60, $3.90, and $6.50).

The new change to the license will remain in place until the current license period comes to an end. The stop date is January 2023.

Mitigating risk

The UKGC called the £10 scratchcards “over-indexed among problem gamblers”. Camelot estimates that less than 1% of National Lottery players are at risk of addiction. The removal of scratchcards will still protect the very small minority of players affected.

According to the UKGC, the £10 scratchcards withdrawal will remain in place until the commission is “satisfied that the risk posed to our duties are mitigated.” It also stated that, while there may be a negative impact on good causes, the decision was necessary and proportionate.

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