England Soccer Player James Maddison Warned Over Ill-Timed Casino Visit

  • Leicester City midfielder James Maddison withdrew from England squad due to illness
  • He was spotted playing poker at casino on same night that England lost to Czech Republic
  • England soccer team manager Gareth Southgate expressed disapproval for player's misconduct
England soccer player James Maddison
James Maddison was pictured gambling at a casino on the same night as England’s European Championship qualifier, after he reportedly withdrew from the team due to illness. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

England manager not happy with James Maddison

England soccer team manager Gareth Southgate has given a warning to midfielder James Maddison after he was pictured gambling at a casino the same night that England had a crucial European Championship qualifier match. 

This happened after Maddison withdrew from the England squad in advance of the team’s qualification games against the Czech Republic and Bulgaria due to illness. Maddison had retweeted the announcement that was initially made on the English Football Association’s (FA) website.

England subsequently lost its first qualification match in ten years to the Czech Republic while Maddison was gambling at a casino. Photographs of the midfielder playing poker went public over the weekend. 

Warning for the Leicester City player

Southgate has warned the Leicester City player that he knows a lot about the whereabouts of England players when they are not on the pitch. The manager was reportedly angry over the casino debacle and has been in communication with Maddison over the weekend. The national team’s manager said that

He [Maddison] sent a message to say the story was going to be in the paper.”

This was an additional issue on the manager’s plate as he also looks to bounce back from his team’s defeat on Friday, with another key qualification game on Monday night.

Big learning curve for James Maddison

Southgate believes this will be a learning curve for Maddison, who is likely to come under a harsher spotlight now that he is on the England squad. Speaking about these pressures, the manager said, “Young players probably aren’t as aware of that. That goes with the territory. It’s a high-profile position.”

under a harsher spotlight now that he is on the England squad

Maddison, who has international experience with the England Under-21 team, is yet to make his first appearance for his country at senior level.

Reaction to the casino visit

There are no rules in place regarding what players do once they have been released from the England squad. Southgate plans to have a more in-depth conversation with Maddison when the team returns from Sofia. 

According to The Guardian, Maddison’s casino appearance received mixed reactions. Some people have questioned his focus as a professional, with others pointing out the poor timing of his casino visit. 

The 22-year-old has been in great form for his club so far this season, which led to his call-up to the national squad. To date, he has two assists and three goals to his name this season. This is the third time Maddison was part of an England squad without making an appearance. 

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