Oregon Sports Betting App to Launch with $250k Deposit Limit

  • Scoreboard set to launch in the next week following after targeted date of October 7 passed
  • Oregon Lottery officials claim measures are being taken to ensure responsible gaming
  • Concerns are mounting over the potential for unlimited betting via desktop or app
Man using gambling app with another displayed on laptop behind.
Oregon Lottery officials have confirmed that state-run online and mobile sportsbook app, Scoreboard, will launch with a deposit limit of $250k. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Scoreboard launch imminent

The Oregon Lottery is preparing to launch online sports betting as early as next week with Scoreboard.

However, concerns are mounting over the anticipated $250k deposit limit that the state-run online and mobile sportsbook app will offer. Many people are concerned about how the large deposit limit will impact gamblers with addiction problems.

A gambling treatment specialist from Cascadia Behavioral Health has hit out against Oregon Lottery for setting such a limit, but officials have responded to say that responsible gambling safeguards will be in place.

Potential for unlimited betting

Players who place sports bets via the Scoreboard app or desktop can deposit as much as a quarter of a million dollars into their account in one go.

Oregon Lottery spokesman Matt Shelby has confirmed that the deposit limit will be $250,000. He said:

Theoretically, if someone had the means to deposit a quarter-million dollars into their player account, they could wager it.”

Individuals who treat players with gambling addictions are very concerned ahead of the app being released. Philip Yassenoff, a gambling treatment specialist at Cascadia Behavioral Health, commented that the deposit limit is contrary to Oregon Lottery’s message of responsible gambling.

According to Mr. Yassenoff, the risk for gambling addicts is increased as a result of being able to wager tens of thousands dollars in a single sitting.

Safeguards for responsible gaming

Oregon Lottery officials have stated that safeguards will be in place to assist players with responsible gaming. Players will be able to view their gaming history. This information will show how much has been wagered. Players will also be able to set short-term timeouts, as well as self-exclude themselves completely from accessing the sports betting app.

According to Mr. Shelby of the Oregon Lottery, pop-ups and email messages will be sent to high-risk players. Mr. Shelby also stated that players will be able to set a loss limit, stating:

We believe informed players make more responsible choices about their play.”

Online sports betting in Oregon

According to VSO News, the online sports betting product was completing its testing phase in late September. Officials initially expected the product to go live for the start of the NFL season. However, the testing process took longer than expected. A launch date of October 7 came and went.

SBTech powers the backend of the Scoreboard app. The Oregon Lottery announced its deal with the company during a meeting back in March. SBTech beat Scientific Games Digital and Playtech to earn the rights.

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