Morongo Casino Winner Robbed at Gunpoint for $3,000

  • The elderly woman was carrying $3,000 in cash after leaving the Californian casino
  • Attacker chased her around her car before taking her purse
  • Morongo Casino did not find anything suspicious after watching surveillance footage
  • Police not sure if the woman was followed home or if the robber was already in the neighborhood
Robber pointing a gun at a woman.
A woman has been robbed of $3,000 after being followed home from the Morongo Casino in California. [Image:Shutterstock]

Worrying incident

A 68-year-old woman from Riverside, California had only gotten home after winning a nice sum at a nearby casino when she was robbed. She has asked the authorities and the media to keep her identity anonymous.

got out of the car at approximately 1:30pm when she was robbed at gunpoint  

The elderly woman was playing at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon during the day of the robbery. The woman says she got out of the car at approximately 1:30pm when she was robbed at gunpoint. She was carrying $3,000 in cash at the time. 

The robber chased the woman around her car, demanding her car keys as he did so. He then took her purse. 

Potentially followed home

The woman believes that this robber was watching her while she was playing at the casino. After seeing her win big at the casino, she thinks the man decided to follow her home.

In addition to the stolen cash, the woman also had her credit cards and driver’s license taken from her. 

The woman went back to the Morongo Casino following the robbery to outline what had happened to her. She is calling upon casinos to take the security of their customers more seriously. She said:

I just wish the casinos would take it more seriously about what’s happening there.”

Casino statement

Following the incident, the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa released a statement.

It reiterated that security of the casino’s guests is a top priority and that the facility is working closely with the law enforcement officers who are investigating the robbery.

Despite tracking the movements of the victim for the entire time she was on the casino premises, the casino says nothing suspicious stood out in the footage. The footage did not show any potential suspects or a suspect vehicle. 

Future precautions necessary

The victim is going to be taking a new approach to any money she wins at casinos.

Instead of leaving the premises with cash, she will be getting a cashier’s check. She will also be a lot more vigilante of her surroundings to avoid a repeat incident. 

The Riverside Police Department is in charge of the investigation. The police are still not sure if the woman was followed to her home or if the robber was already in her neighborhood when she arrived home. 

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