Rapper Meek Mill Loses $70,000 Gambling at New Orleans Casino

  • The rapper took to Twitter to let his fans know about his weekend's loss
  • He previously lost $200,000 betting on the San Francisco Warriors in the NBA Finals
  • Earlier this year, Mill labeled a Vegas casino "racist" for barring him from its premises
  • 2019 also saw him win a 20-year-long legal saga over a conviction received when he was 18
rapper Meek Mill performing
Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill took to Twitter to announce having lost $70,000 at a New Orleans casino last weekend. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Tough loss to take

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was left reeling after he gambled away $70,000 at a New Orleans casino on September 8. The multimillionaire tweeted about the loss shortly after:

While he appears to enjoy his gambling, Mill also managed to lose $200,000 in a bet against fellow rapper Drake’s hometown team. He wagered $200,000 on the San Francisco Warriors beating the Toronto Raptors in Game Six of the recent NBA Championship Finals.

also managed to lose $200,000 in a bet

This turned out to be the first NBA championship that the Toronto team has ever won, overcoming serious odds to do so. 

Previous casino incident

Meek Mill was at the center of an incident at a Las Vegas casino in May, which led to the rapper labeling the Cosmopolitan Hotel as being racist.

He was refused from the casino and hotel property, which claimed he was barred from the premises. The hotel alleged that the rapper had previously been in a fight with their security guards, leading to the ban. 

Meek Mill responded on social media by slamming the hotel. He said: “If you come from our culture you should never step foot in the [C]osmopolitan [H]otel they just really racist as hell … something really has to be done in Las Vegas what they doing to black people.”

After threatening to sue to the facility, the Cosmopolitan issued an apology, which was accepted.

Not all bad

While Meek Mill hasn’t had much luck so far in 2019 with sports betting and casino gambling, he did land a major win in the legal system. 

The rapper had been on probation for his entire adult life, having been convicted of drug dealing and pointing a gun at police officers when he was 18. Meek Mill had always denied the charges. 

The law enforcement officer at the center of the case then came under investigation, which led to a re-evaluation and the officer’s partner siding with Mill’s version of events. At that point, Philadelphia District Attorney voiced his agreement with Mill’s legal team, reportedly saying that the treatment of the rapper’s case over the years was not objective. Mill was given a hearing in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

On July 24, the court granted the appeal and overturned the 2008 conviction. The final settlement of the case was reached in August, where it was decided that Meek Mill would serve no further prison time and would no longer be on probation.

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