Former Caesars Entertainment Executive Sues for Wrongful Termination

  • Lawsuit filed by former regional vice president of marketing, Jocelyn Agnellini Allison
  • Plaintiff claims she was retaliated against after reporting an intimate incident at a work function
  • Caesars has denied allegations made in the civil suit, which is seeking over $75,000 in damages
The former senior executive of Caesars Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the company claiming wrongful termination.

Employee claims wrongful termination

Jocelyn Agnellini Allison, a former regional vice president of marketing for Caesars Entertainment Corp., has filed a civil suit against the company, claiming wrongful termination.

She alleges she was let go after reporting an incident that involved a superior and subordinate engaging in intimacy during a work function.

Details of the lawsuit

Agnellini Allison was fired in February. She is suing for wrongful termination due to discrimination based on sex and retaliation of her actions involving an incident she reported from 2017.

He allegedly threatened her, saying “there will be hell to pay”.

Two employees who reported to Agnellini Allison witnessed the regional president of the Caesars Atlantic City properties, Kevin Ortzman, and a subordinate being intimate after a work function. She reported the incident to management, after which she claims the work environment became a hostile one.

According to the eight-page lawsuit, after the incident was reported in May 2017 by Agnellini Allison, Ortzman learned that it had been reported. He allegedly threatened her, saying “there will be hell to pay” if he found out who was responsible for speaking to management.


Agnellini Allison claims in the suit that members of Caesars management did not take corrective and remedial action in the matter. Because of this, she was subject to retaliation for reporting the incident.

Several examples have been cited in the complaint, including that the former employee was excluded from meetings. She was treated in a hostile manner, with one-on-one meetings canceled and her senior executive authority circumvented.

In the suit, Agnellini Allison claims she had worked with the company for 21 years. Caesars has filed a response against the suit, confirming that the former executive was only with the company since 2015. Caesars has denied the allegations in a response filed within the District Court.

She was treated in a hostile manner, with one-on-one meetings canceled and her senior executive authority circumvented.

Agnellini Allison is seeking over $75,000 in damages via the civil suit. The filing seeks a judgement against Caesars regarding the allegations, along with compensatory damages for past and future earnings, plus benefits. Additional damages filed include emotional distress, humiliation, and mental anguish. She is also seeking compensation for punitive damages, court costs, and attorney fees.

Underrepresentation of female employees

The lawsuit also claims that Caesars has an underrepresentation of female employees within the company, specifically in high-level positions. In 2018, Caesars decided to increase the number of female employees. The Gender Equity Initiative was created to see more women being employed within leadership roles of the company by 2025.

In the United States, around 43% of managerial roles and higher positions are held by females.  

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