£20m Scratchcard Launches in UK, Thought to Be World’s Biggest

  • Lottoland selling two new scratchcards with £15m and £20m prizes
  • Prize money doubled since last year's scratchcard launch by the company
  • Thought to be a record-breaking scratchcard jackpot with the highest amount in the world
hand scratching scratch and win card
The new scratchcard launched by Lottoland in the UK sees players in with a chance of winning £20million.

Doubling prize money

A new scratchcard has launched in Great Britain, offering up the opportunity to scoop £20million ($25million) for just £20 ($25).

The arrival of what is thought to be the biggest scratchcard jackpot in the world comes after news that almost a quarter of Brits buy a scratchcard once a month. The new scratchcard will give them the choice to either play in-store or online.

Lottoland, who is behind the launch, also put out a slightly cheaper scratchcard of £17.50 ($21.76) that offers the chance to win £15m ($18.65m). Both games offer players better odds than traditional scratchcards, with more than one in every two players winning a prize.

The new release comes hot on the heels of Lottoland’s £10m ($12.43m) scratchcard launched last year, which has been a success since.

CEO Nigel Birrell said of the decision to double the winnings:

We are incredibly excited to be bringing another record-breaking jackpot opportunity to our players here in the UK.”

Observing the “phenomenal” popularity of the £10m scratchcard, he believes this is an indication of an ever-growing worldwide success that high-jackpot scratchcards are enjoying the world over.

He added: “We look forward to seeing how players get on with these new record-breaking prizes in the coming months, and with any luck we’ll be congratulating some new Lottoland multi-millionaires very soon!”

Record holders

Lottoland currently holds the world record for the largest-ever payout of £79m ($98.22m) via their online gambling platform.

That honor went to 36-year-old Christina, a cleaner from Berlin. The company reports she has now quit her job.

While some popular scratchcards have a top tier of prizes waiting to be won, with these new games there is no need to fear that they have been paid out. Instead, the company allows for the same chances of winning on all prize tiers with every scratchcard sold.

High-prize games

A random and insured number generator (RiNG) has enabled higher-priced scratchcards to come to market. RiNG enables studios to insure the jackpots and first prizes of their games, with the further prizes being underwritten through Lottoland’s insurance infrastructure.

Lottoland is currently licensed in the UK, Australia, Italy, and Germany, as well as in other countries. Its headquarters are in Gibraltar.

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