New Android 5-Year Self-Exclusion Feature Released by BetBlocker

  • New self-exclusion app to be rolled out for Android
  • Software can block thousands of apps and websites
  • Time limits can be set from 1 day to 5 years
Gambling app screen on phone
A new app that shuts off gambling apps and websites for up to 5 years has been released for Android.

Advancements in self-exclusion

A new app that allows problem gamblers to restrict their access to gaming websites has been launched by BetBlocker to run on Android devices. The app lets users block gambling-related apps on their mobile devices and desktop computers.

Devices can be prevented from accessing nearly 6,000 websites run by gambling operators. It can also block more than 1,000 apps that contain gambling content.

BetBlocker manager Duncan Garvie confirmed the new feature has been released officially and said that the company aims to offer customers products that allow them to gamble responsibly.

He said,

“Whilst there are a few services available for desktop devices, this new launch is a great opportunity for problem gamblers to extend their restrictions to other devices that would otherwise have been tempting for them to use to access sites that were blocked on their computers. Increasing numbers of people are using mobile devices to access gambling websites, so the feature will likely be welcomed by many people who suffer with self-regulating their access to these sites.”

Gambling participation increasing

Levels of participation in gambling and gambling-related activities are increasing constantly globally, so it is important for tech companies to see how they can implement safeguards for users who suffer from gambling addiction. The new BetBlocker app is designed to become a community project over time, with users reporting websites they believe should be blocked.

BetBlocker will block not only websites but also apps, which some gambling addicts use to access gaming despite other safeguards that have been put in place. The self-exclusion feature can be used on apps that were previously downloaded as well as those that are released in the future.

Service is free of charge

The free service currently only restricts websites that have confirmed gambling-related content on them. However, once the community aspect is implemented, the app will cast a broader net. Once activated, the BetBlocker can run anywhere from 24 hours to five years and there is no way for users to deactivate it until the time period has lapsed. Users will also be protected from gambling adverts or other websites that could be triggers for them.

The feature was developed following research showing BetBlocker’s team that most problem gamblers are actively seeking to place barriers between themselves and gambling-related content. These barriers stop them from spending and losing money and also allow them the time they need to seek treatment.


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