CPA Sentenced for Stealing $1.35m from Charity to Fund Gambling Addiction

  • CPA Adam Kamor sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing over $1.3m from charity to fund gambling habit
  • Kamor used his firm, Decker Accounting LLC, to launder money taken from the nonprofit
  • Stolen money was placed into accounts that Kamor controlled
  • Kamor would access the money via ATMs at the Mohegan Sun Pocono
Thief counting stolen money
CPA stole from charity to pay off gambling debt.

Judge increases sentence to 7 years

Adam Kamor is a certified public accountant who will serve a seven-year prison sentence for stealing money from a charitable organization to fund his gambling habit. Kamor owned and operated the Decker Accounting LLC firm, which has been shut down. Kamor used the firm as a way to launder about $1.35m (£1,059,764.86) from a charity nonprofit to pay off gambling debts.

For his actions, Kamor has been sentenced to seven years in prison. The 43-year-old CPA stood before the judge at his sentencing and provided a detailed apology for his actions. He said he was ashamed and embarrassed by what he had done.

A plea deal was reached between Kamor and the United States Attorney’s Office in his case. The deal called for a 57-month prison term. However, Judge James M. Munley did not agree with this term because the money stolen from the charity goes towards community health care needs. The term was then changed to seven years.

Mr. Kamor said: “I’m ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated by what I’ve done. My foolish choices stemmed from a gambling addiction, but they were still my choices and I regret my actions.”

During the hearing, it was agreed that the charity organization would remain anonymous. However, descriptions made it clear that the organization was tied to the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital in Pennsylvania. The organization provides funds to help the community with health care needs. Reports suggest that the charity involved is the Wyoming Valley Health and Education Foundation.

Funds were moved and withdrawn

Prosecutors revealed that Kamor laundered money from the nonprofit via his company, Decker Accounting, and moved the stolen funds to accounts that he created and controlled. The accounts were unknown to the nonprofit.

Kamor would then visit the Mohegan Sun Pocono and withdraw money from the accounts via ATM. He uses the money to gamble and pay off a line of credit at the casino. He owed money to the line of credit because of cash advances he had taken from the casino.

The scheme was not uncovered until the Internal Revenue Services received reports showing the major losses at the casino. The reports showed that Kamor had lost over $700,000 (£549,507.70) while gambling at the Mohegan Sun Pocono.

For his actions, Kamor pled guilty to felony counts of money laundering and income tax evasion. Along with jail time, Kamor has been directed by the judge to receive gambling addiction treatment. He must also pay back over $1.5m (£1,177,419.39) in restitution. The stolen funds must be repaid along with $241,000 (£189,172.05) in unpaid taxes.

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