Man Is Robbed After Winning Two Jackpots at Casino

  • A Milwaukee man won two jackpots in the space of a few days at a Milwaukee casino
  • On June 3 he won $12,000 and on June 5 he won $13,000 on slot machines
  • He bought a safe and a used car with some of the winnings
  • However, intruders broke into his house and stole the contents of the safe
Robber with gun takes cash
A gunman and two accomplices robbed a man who had won two jackpots in the space of two days, winning $25,000.

Jackpots totaled $25,000

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin, man won two different jackpots at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. However, he was robbed of much of the cash a few days later.

The man in question, Christopher Czarnecki, won $12,000 playing a slot machine on June 3 and two days later, on June 5, he won another $13,000.

With some of the winnings, he bought a used car and a safe and he didn’t tell many people about his good fortune. On June 8, Czarnecki was at home with his roommate, Hunter Marks, when there was a knock on their back door.

Details of the robbery

Marks spoke about the ensuing ordeal with a local television network: “The door kind of pushed opened a little bit while I was reaching for the handle. I looked to see a guy standing there with a mask on and a pistol pointing toward me. He nearly hit me in the mouth with it.”

According to the police report, the gunman hit Marks on the head with the gun and two other intruders entered. They tied him up alongside his 77-year-old mother by using zip ties and did the same to Czarnecki and his girlfriend after forcing Czarnecki to open his new safe. The intruders brought them all into a bedroom and blocked the door with a stove. Eventually, Czarnecki and Marks were able to kick the door down but by then the intruders had fled with the content of the safe.

Czarnecki learned his lesson the hard way. He says that if he gets lucky and hits it big again at the casino, he will put his winnings in the bank instead of a safe. The police investigation into this robbery is still ongoing.

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