Casino Craziness Round-up: Robberies, Kidnap Charges, Bomb Threats

  • A series of crazy incidents at casinos took place across the United States recently
  • The events included armed robberies, theft, kidnap charges and bomb hoaxes
  • In Niagara Falls, an elderly woman was robbed while asleep at a slot machine
  • In Las Vegas, a man would rob casino patrons after a young girl distracted the victims in the venue parking lot
  • An Indiana man called in a bomb threat at Horseshoe Hammond Casino
Crime appears to be having a moment of summer madness at several casinos in the US, with robberies and even kidnapping
Crime appears to be having a moment of summer madness at several casinos in the US, with robberies and even kidnapping

The United States boasts hundreds of casino and gaming facilities, from full resort casinos to racinos. Gamblers have a great choice of options when it comes to wagering. Slot fans, table gamers or video poker players can all find something to enjoy. Visiting such venues can be fun as well as relaxing, for the most part.

However, recently, it seems a few casinos in the US have been subject to odd and crazy incidents, from robberies to kidnapping charges and even bomb threats. Instead of simply enjoying their favorite casino games, some players have been left wondering what in the world happened?

Niagara Falls robbery

In Niagara Falls, a 71-year-old woman was enjoying the slots at Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino. The patron, apparently sleepy from a little too much gaming, fell asleep in the early morning hours at a slot machine. While she slept, someone stole $900 in cash from her purse. Her ATM card was also stolen, along with a credit card.

In the early morning hours, the woman was woken up by a member of the security team within the casino. She was told her purse may have been taken from underneath her seat and then put back while she slept.

Surveillance footage from the casino shows an individual taking the purse, walking into the restroom and then returning to replace the purse. Police are now on the hunt for the suspect.

Las Vegas robberies

In Las Vegas, police were able to apprehend two individuals believed to be involved with multiple robberies in the area. David Randazzo, 39, has been accused of working with an unidentified 16-year-old woman. She would distract victims in areas such as casino parking lots. Once the victims were distracted, Randazzo would emerge to hold the individuals at gunpoint to rob them.

Police were able to apprehend the pair after tracking them down. Randazzo pointed a gun at police once they were caught up to and police fired 12 shots at the suspect.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police assistant sheriff Brett Zimmerman said: “He was shot in the shoulder and in the back.”

Randazzo now faces several charges, including kidnapping and armed robbery with a weapon.

Horseshoe casino bomb threat

Perhaps one of the craziest stories this week involves a bomb threat at the Horseshoe Hammond casino. Deangelo L Armstead of Hammond has been accused of calling the casino many times back in February to reach a female employee. After leaving several voicemails that were derogatory in nature to the woman and her co-workers, he then decided to call in a bomb threat.

According to the report, Armstead called the corporate offices of the Horseshoe in Las Vegas, stating that everyone would be dead in 12 minutes. The operator asked how he knew that and he said because he put a bomb in the local marina bathrooms of the Indiana casino. Police quickly searched the bathrooms and were able to clear the casino, finding no bombs in the process.

Armstead now faces a felony count of false reporting as well as a misdemeanor count of harassment.

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