Caesars Launches Casino of the Future Hub in Las Vegas

  • Caesars is partnering with the UNLV for a new casino innovation lab
  • This facility will be on campus and have a state of the art hub
  • New ideas will be tested and developed here to improve the performance of the hospitality and casino sector
Caesars Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas
Caesers is partnering with UNLV to launch a new innovation hub for the casino and hospitality industry.

Details of This New Casino

Caesars is joining with the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) in an exciting new project, the Black Fire Innovation Casino in southwest Las Vegas, which will be a hub for education.

The partnership will focus on technological innovation. The site for this casino encompasses 43,000 square feet in floor area. It will be part of the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park in the UNLV.

The mock resort casino will contain a casino, sportsbooks, esports area, virtual reality space, and hotel rooms as part of the educational hub.

The aim of this project is to learn and teach new ways in which facilities can become more efficient and effective. One of the main focuses will be gaming technology.

The hopes are that this facility will be open by the end of the year. In a statement, Marta Meana, the UNLV president, said this partnership with Caesars will “strengthen [UNLV’s] role as a research leader and further elevate Las Vegas as the global intellectual capital for gaming and hospitality.” The statement also said the venture will offer students “unparalleled access to experts at the forefront of the industry.”

Groundbreaking Project

Part of the mock casino resort will be a casino area that will effectively be a casino of the future. It will display various types of new technology, including robots that will be walking around. New aspects will be tested to see how they compare to existing technologies.

The innovation casino will also work with local business to create and grow ideas together. It will provide students with a space where they can test ideas, create prototypes, and work with companies, hopefully to generate substantial growth.

Caesars sees this project as a great way to help accelerate their efforts in innovation. Other key aspects they will be looking at include artificial intelligence and the use of blockchain technology.

Casinos Embracing Technology

It was recently reported that MGM Resorts International is looking to use robots to replace some of its staff in Las Vegas facilities as a way to significantly cut costs.

The main jobs that could be replaceable are bartenders and cashiers. Robots have been developed that can make mixed drinks and robotic wait staff would carry standard portable payment technology around with them, eliminating the need for a cashier.

Many industries are looking at taking a similar approach; for example, McDonald’s is implementing self-ordering facilities at a lot of restaurants to cut staff costs.

According to a report from McKinsey and Company, robots could replace as many as 800 million jobs worldwide by 2030. This will lead to a major need for workers to learn new skills and trades.

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