250K Casino Investment in East Yorkshire Shows Confidence in Industry

Scarborough Beach on the northeast shore of Yorkshire
Further investment of £250k in the Scarborough casino has been announced.

30-second summary

  • £7m initial investment to open in 2005
  • New investment of £250,000
  • Expanded license enables increased gaming offer
  • Managing director shows support for engagement and local business

 From Britney to high rollers

When you think of places to go for a flutter in the UK you might be more inclined to think of London, Ascot, or even the northern cities such as Leeds and Manchester. But right now a town on the east coast is receiving a huge amount of funding. Scarborough is home to the largest European outdoor stadium, which recently played host to multi-award-winning singer Britney Spears, and is cashing in on its original £7m ($9.22m) casino with an extra £250,000 ($329,000) investment.

In the heart of Scarborough, on St. Thomas Street, is the town’s historic Royal Opera House Theatre. The location was chosen to go through some major changes. In October 2005, the transformation of the Opera House into a casino was completed. The £7m investment to transform the interior and exterior into the stunning Opera House Casino was unveiled to the region, with the activation of the 2005 small casino license.

Steve Mosley, managing director, has confirmed that another £250,000 is to be invested. He said: “The investment and activation of the new casino license enable the team to take another step in the evolution of the famous venue in the town and will allow us to increase our gaming and entertainment choice for our customers. We will be supporting the new offer with an engagement campaign and new menu, as well as supporting the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID).”

The main benefits

The 23,000-square-foot casino is a privately-owned leisure destination that employs more than 100 people. With the expansion, they are set to continue to play a significant role in the entertainment scene of Scarborough and its economy. Chair of the Task Group at the Yorkshire Cost Business Improvement District (BID), Clive Rowe-Evans showed his support. He said: “It is good news for the coastal region and it’s important we continue to invest in our entertainment and leisure sector for both residents and visitors in Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast. We welcome the expanded offer an ongoing investment by the Opera House Casino.”

The £250,000 is being used to increase the overall offer of the casino. A 140-capacity private even space named “The Upper Circle” will be located on the first floor, adjacent to a new private gaming area. An addition downstairs will make possible a 50% increase in the number of slot machines in the main gaming area.

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