Poker Star Daniel Negreanu Announces Engagement to Friday Night Poker Host

Marriage proposal and love concept

Professional poker player Daniel Negreanu has announced his engagement to Amanda Leatherman, the host of Friday Night Poker on Facebook’s Watch channel.

The poker champion broke the news on Twitter on New Year’s Eve with a photo of the couple’s engagement ring, commenting: “She said yes.”

Negreanu, who is from Toronto but lives in Las Vegas, is a six-time World Series of Poker champion and twice champion of the World Poker Tour.

He is estimated to have won more than $39.5m (£31.4m) in prize money since his first purse in the mid-1990s and is the second-biggest live tournament poker winner ever. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2014.

Negreanu’s main gaming location has been at the Bellagio Casino in Vegas, where the limits are $800 (£636) or more per play. Unusually for a poker champion, he has been open about his success on the baize, explaining that he reads his opponents by observing the hands they play and how well they play them.

Getting together again

Negreanu’s love life has attracted almost as much interest as his card skills, since he has had some high-profile romances, including with professional poker player Evelyn Ng, and a short-lived marriage that ended in 2007.

Negreanu and Leatherman, a former poker player herself and now a reporter and presenter on the sport, had dated some years ago but they broke up when she decided she’d had enough of the poker partying lifestyle.

When she returned to poker, it was as a host on Big Game, the live poker streaming platform. With her move back to Las Vegas, it seemed inevitable they would get together again.

Negreanu has indicated that a spring wedding is on the cards, and the couple is already planning a family. He hinted that poker could take a back seat to the baby.

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