VSBLTY Introduces Pilot Program Focusing on Player Security and Experience

A multi-phase pilot program was recently launched at the Gun Lake Casino in Michigan by VSBLTY, a retail software and technology company. Using every aspect of technology created by the company, the program is set to revolutionize the experience of guests at the property as well as security at gaming venues via analytics devices and ground-breaking software technology.

Player Engagement and Safer Environment

The overall goal of the new technology integrated within the casino is to create a more exciting experience for players, keeping them more engaged at the venue. The technology is also being used to create a safer environment, aiding in the risk management factors of the casino floor.

The pilot program integrates several products created by VSBLTY, including proactive digital displays that use three software programs created by the company: DataCaptor, VisionCaptor and VSBLTY Vector. Each of the VSBLTY software programs uses an advanced form of facial analysis to gather information.

The information obtained through facial recognition software includes measurements such as age, gender, time spent in areas of the gaming floor and sentiment. The analysis of gathered data occurs in real time, with the software capable of evaluation even in large crowds of people or while the crowd is in motion.

VSBLTY’s CEO Jay Hutton said: “This software is designed to not only enhance the guest experience, but to create a virtual perimeter around the casino floor to analyze player behaviors, further gamify player engagement, all while augmenting security operations to make Gun Lake even safer.”

As far as security is concerned, the VSBLTY Vector program has a breakthrough aspect that will aid in further protection for guests. The software can identify assault weapons as well as similar objects. Once such items are detected, security is notified. This will hopefully help to deter any criminal activity or violence within the venues.

Player Retention

The software offers not only a measure of security, but also several ways in which to retain players. With VisonCaptor, casino operators can create customized messages that are delivered to a display based on who is viewing the content, even in real time.

In the future, VSBLTY is working on an augmented reality game that will require the participation of guests, created to increase the frequency of visits by turning smartphones into gaming consoles. Players can visit a property and take part in a scavenger hunt to earn prizes by walking through the gaming venue gathering markers that have been designated for the game.

This new technology could be the wave of the future, depending on how well it is received and how it performs at Gun Lake Casino. It will be interesting to see the results after the pilot program is completed and if the software programs are integrated full-time at the venue as well as if other casinos decide to add VSBLTY’s new software and analytics to their business.

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