Self-Described ‘Lebron James of Poker’ Released Without Bail

Geeta Singh ‘the Lebron James of Poker’ Released on Bail

Geeta Singh, an Atlanta woman arrested for alleged involvement in a massive drug and gambling ring, has been released without bail.

Earlier this month, 32 individuals were arrested on narcotics and gambling charges after a large-scale distribution network was discovered in the East and West Village of New York. After an extensive investigation involving wiretapping, authorities discovered an alleged distribution network involving cocaine and heroin connected with a gambling operation in the West Village.

The investigation resulted in the arrests of individuals located in New York City, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Florida. Authorities initially named David Diaz as the head of the gambling operation and narcotics distribution, working with his top associate Geeta Singh, the manager and promoter of the gambling side of the operation.

Singh and the Poker House

Singh, aged 43, was working from her home in Atlanta vetting clients for the Poker House, a den located in the West Village of New York City. The activity began late last year and continued through the spring of 2018. Singh was in charge of drawing players from meetup groups online and sending text messages that were used as entrance tickets when arriving at the Poker House.

Known as ‘Mira’, Singh appeared before a judge in Manhattan last week charged with being the mastermind behind the operation. Assistant District Attorney Mark Mohr said: “By her own comments … she was quite professional, at one point referring to herself as the ‘Lebron James of Poker’. So this really was her business.”

The Poker House was open from 4 p.m. until 4 a.m., hosting up to 30 poker players at one time. Games would last for around two hours and had a minimum price of $200 (£157). The upper floor of the facility was home to the high-stakes games where players were expected to buy-in at $500 (£392) minimum.

The poker club was reportedly only in operation for two to three years, but Singh has been involved in the gambling world for 15 years. With Singh’s involvement in the Poker House, the prosecutor in the case asked Judge Abraham Clott to agree to a $50,000  (£39,179) bond, but the judge ruled that she could be released without bail. She will be back in court on September 27. Singh pled not guilty to six counts of promoting gambling.

Extensive investigation

The investigation found that the Poker House was funding a cocaine and heroin business with stash houses located in the Bronx, the Lower East Side, and other areas.

Lasting eight months, the investigation began based on drugs, with an undercover NYPD officer able to complete several buys during that time frame. Over time, the gambling side of the operation was revealed.

During the bust and arrests, police recovered $125,000 (£97,949) in cash along with several money counters, gambling records, and thousands in poker chips. Two vehicles were also seized along with a handgun, shotgun, and air rifle. More than two pounds of drugs were recovered, expected to be cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and Xanax upon further review.

Charges filed among those arrested included conspiracy, criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal sale of a controlled substance, promoting gambling, money laundering, and criminal sale of marijuana.


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