VegasSlotsOnline News Talks to Atomic Slot Lab

  • As part of Bragg, Atomic Slot Lab has produced 25 games since it first started in 2022
  • Melldén says the studio focuses on developing unique, game-changing content and tech
  • The studio has just released Tikaani Gold, Divine Empress, and Dragon Power Keno
Atomic Slot Lab
VegasSlotsOnline News caught up with Bragg exec Christoffer Melldén to discuss Atomic Slot Lab.

Atomic Slot Lab is a Las Vegas-based slot developer that falls under the Bragg Studios umbrella. It prides itself on creating the “highest quality” online games, and boasts such titles as Professor Big Win, Mystery Mine, and Egyptian Magic.

VegasSlotsOnline News recently caught up with Christoffer Melldén, Commercial Director of Content for Bragg, to find out a little more about Atomic Slot Lab.

Can you tell us a little bit about Atomic Slot Lab?

Atomic Slot Lab was Bragg’s first proprietary content development studio, formed after the acquisition of Wild Streak Gaming. The studio has produced 25 games since 2022 and is today a well-established brand, releasing roughly one game per month.

our games can be offered in more than 20+ jurisdictions in the European market

Content from Atomic Slot Lab is certified, meaning our games can be offered in more than 20+ jurisdictions in the European market, as well as the US and Canada.

If you had to define the company’s focus in one sentence, what would it be?

Bragg’s focus is to develop unique content and technology solutions for our operator partners which allow them to deliver game changing experiences for players.

How does it benefit you being based in the gambling heart of America, Las Vegas?

It’s undoubtedly a big plus, having a studio in Vegas allows us access to the best shop floor for games development in the world. At the same time, we can monitor trends and work with those companies which play a part in the Las Vegas market.

The land-based slots market plays an important role in the development of slots for online markets, and having a team with constant access to those innovative products allows us to create great games that our players will love.

Excluding your newest releases, what are some of your most popular games and why?

Our highest performing games are Fairy Dust, Dreamy Genie,  and Egyptian Magic. Although they are among some of our earlier releases, they feature some of the best mathematical models and mechanics, which have proven really popular with our players, making the games and our brand really stand out. Fairy Dust is performing well in the Netherlands, and is featured by a large number of operators in the market, while Dreamy Genie and Egyptian Magic are performing well in Switzerland and the UK.

You have three new games. Tikaani Gold, Divine Empress, and Dragon Power Keno. Can you give our readers a brief overview of these?

Tikaani Gold  is one of those Vegas inspired games. The game is inspired by the most popular land-based games in the North American market and is effectively a homage to those titles, but also adding new elements that are uniquely Bragg. Tikaani Gold is fast paced, allowing players to achieve quick wins either in the base game, or by randomly triggering features which retain all wilds on the screen as sticky, granting additional re-spins for any new ones added. The bonus game is even more explosive, allowing players to stack sticky wilds and adding multipliers on their win.

the game becomes even better when one of its three core features is triggered

Divine Empress  is a feature-packed 5×3 slot game which can expand up to a 6×5 slot during free games. While it is fun to play in the base game, the game becomes even better when one of its three core features is triggered. Features include free games, during which the player may expand the grid, additional multipliers, instant win and additional free games. The player may win an instant win feature in which any orb granted by the Empress grants a 1,3 or 7x multiple up to 50 times and finally, the players can win in a match three game, which may lead to a GRAND jackpot!

Divine Empress slot reels Atomic Slot Lab - best new online slots of the week March 8, 2024

Dragon Power Keno has been created in partnership with Grand Vision and is a crucial step in expanding our content portfolio beyond just slot games. The Dragon Power theme, which Bragg owns, is one of the most popular game themes in the US slots market (developed with Light & Wonder) and we’re optimistic that this theme paired with Grand Vision’s innovative approach to Keno creation will give us some great success. The game is already showing promising results in the European market, but we really expect it to take off when it goes live in North America.

They all seem like fresh takes on traditional slot themes. Is this what players prefer in your opinion? 

It is. At Bragg, we work to the mindset of creating the most innovative mathematical models and mechanics first, then tailor our game art and development to suit those elements. Our players know that our games are fair, reliable, and provide them with a great experience which they will want to return to, time and time again.

we create games with lower but attainable top wins

While other suppliers focus on creating massive win multipliers (of 15,000x or more, which in practice are very unattainable), we create games with lower but attainable top wins. It is this approach which brings players closer to our games, increasing our games overall retention value and sticky-ness, making the game perform exceptionally well over a longer period of time.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

For Bragg, summer of 2024 is going to be all about Vegas. Our next release is Jester’s Vegas Experience, a game based on our popular and player-favourite Fairy Dust mechanic, and we’re hopeful this game is going to do well for us.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, in September, we’re going to release Vegas Royale, a game which will be available in four different themes, with three characters and a variety of different background assets. Our operator partners will be able to choose which style fits their player base the best, and players will get a different experience depending on which operators they choose to stake with. If this format proves successful, we’re hoping to make this a standard practice for our games.

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