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Smartwatch Slots and Casinos

Real Money Slot games for SmartwatchIt seems as though wearable technology is becoming more pervasive and popular each and every year. From Google Glass to the Fitbit, there hardly seems to be anywhere on your body where you can’t add a gadget these days.

One of the latest advances has been the development of smartwatches. These tiny devices bring all of the functionality of a smartphone, but put them right on your wrist, allowing you instant access to your favorite apps and games combined with the fashion statement that only a watch can make. Given their skyrocketing popularity, it comes as little surprise that online casino sites are starting to get interested in bringing their games to these cutting edge devices.

What are Smartwatch Slots?

This term refers to any slot machines that can be played on one of these devices. If you’ve ever seen one of these high-tech watches, you’ll understand that this is quite a feat: there isn’t much screen space available for designers to use, meaning they have to be clever to keep the games playable for users. Still, some games have already been ported to this format, and it is likely that more are on the way.

How to Play

Obviously, enjoying these games will first require a compatible watch. At the moment, it seems as though any of the major brand names will do: the Apple Watch is the biggest name in the industry, but others include the Samsung Gear 2 and the Pebble.

Once you have a watch that can support these games, you’ll need an account at a casino that supports gaming on the platform. At this early period in the development of this form of gaming, we only know of one provider that has developed games that work on watches: Microgaming. Sites like Spin Palace Casino have made a point of promoting their new options for smartwatches, even noting which slots work in the format in their lobbies.

Chances are that you won’t be able to set up your full account from your watch, so you may first want to open an account and make your deposits on your computer or mobile phone. If you’re not sure where to start, you can give one of our recommended smartwatch casinos a try.

Available Games

At the moment, only a couple of slots are available for these devices, though that is likely to change in the months and years ahead. The first of these is the classic game Thunderstruck, one of the most popular Microgaming slots of all time. This Norse mythology-themed game has been reduced to its barest elements in order to fit on your wrist, but still packs in all of the same action you’d find on your computer, tablet, or phone.

How is it possible to play a full online slot machine on your watch? The only things you will find on screen are the name of the game, the reels, and a button outlining your balance and the amount you want to bet. All of the other frills are gone: only the most essential information is still placed on the screen, devoting every pixel of space possible to the game itself.

In addition, Microgaming has also developed their popular Dark Knight Rises game for a smartwatch format. In fact, the licensed Batman machine was originally designed for the Samsung Gear 2, the first Internet casino game ever developed for the device.

The Future

Right now, the opportunities to play casino games on a smartwatch are pretty limited. However, you shouldn’t expect this situation to last for long. As more users adopt this technology, operators will devote more resources to creating games that function on the devices, including table games and other options.

These are likely to be a great development for players. While you can already enjoy online gambling on the go on tablets and phones, wearable watches add a whole new level of access and discretion to your play. Now, you can spin the reels a few times at a moment’s notice, without attracting attention from anyone even on a crowded train or on your lunch break at work.

But just because the move to smartphone gaming has only just begun doesn’t mean that you can’t get on board now. If you’re ready to be one of the first to try playing the latest form of online gambling, sign up at one of these great smartwatch casinos today!

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