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Split Symbols Slot Feature

Split Symbols Slot Feature

Standard gameplay on five-reel online slots suggests that something more than a five-of-a-kind symbol win on an active pay-line is inconceivable. Well it’s time to debunk that theory! With the introduction of Split Symbols, the innovative and highly lucrative concept brought onto the scene by IGT Interactive and featured in dozens of their games, this is no longer the case. This feature has created additional symbols which will surely up your winnings! Slots utilising this format are unlike the typical multi-line, multi-stake bonus game awarding slots as it is possible to form winning combinations of more than five symbols. Since their debut, companies like Playetch and Microgaming have released their own games making full use of the Split Symbol playing format.

How do Split Symbols Work?

Essentially, split symbols can occur on any number of reeled slots and not just five, however, they tend to be very popular in 5x3 games. In this format, one of the reel symbols is simply divided into two or more icons. After spinning the reels, if the double picture stops alongside other congruent symbols on any of the activated pay-lines, your winnings will increase accordingly as higher paying winning combinations are formed. What does this mean? If you hit five matching symbols on a pay-line and one of them is the famous Split Symbol, you will be awarded a six winning symbol pay out instead of five and so on and so forth – 5 doubles is ten symbols for example.

Where to Find Them?

As already mentioned, many video slots from the pioneers of this feature, IGT Interactive, along with Playtech and Microgaming, have several games exhibiting this function. Many of IGT’s real money slots boast this playing format, wherein more than one icon is made up of two symbols, making it possible to form even a ten of a kind winning combo. Other companies have also jumped onto the Split Symbol wagon and have put their own special twist on the feature, like Novomatic in their latest online free slot, Magic Jester. The medieval themed slot is a joint effort with Mazooma and features not only double symbols, but triple icons as well. The 10 pay-line high variance slot has an extra special function called the magic reel feature which incorporates Split Symbols in a distinctive way, especially when compared to the classic IGT Cats slot which just has double icons spinning all over the reels, thus doubling your prize. In the Magic Jester game, on the other hand, one or more reels turn magic thus doubling or even trebling the high value symbols stationed on those reels, making it possible to get up to 15 times your bet if all five reels become magic.

Try these online slots with Split Symbols feature!

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Noah's Ark


Shadow of the Panther


All games which have this function can be very profitable, however, I feel it is important that game designers are not reliant on this feature alone to make their games a success. The base game should be just as interesting without it. This is the case with Magic Jester, as there isn’t much else to the slot apart from that magic reel feature which wondrously doubles and triples icons on selected reels. In contrast, IGT’s Cats slot also awards the player with free spins making it a much more appealing game to play. Another drawback which comes with this format, is that the five of a kind winning combination, which is normally highly anticipated across standard video slots, loses its value in these types of game and is therefore no longer considered a rich pay out. This is due to the higher value winning combinations

Final Thoughts

Checking the pay table is your best bet when it comes to playing slots offering this truly special feature so that you will be able to see how many additional pay outs will come your way when you hit a pay-line bearing these unique icons. On the whole, Split Symbols are definitely a lovely addition to the online video slots features family which will see players hit higher paying combinations than ever before as any one spot can contain two symbols instead of one, giving you the chance to score up to ten symbols, as opposed to your standard five.

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