Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden to $1m Charity Golf Match

  • Biden and Trump exchanged a war of words about their golf games last month
  • Trump says he would give Biden 20 shots and donate $1m to charity if he loses
  • He believes that the match could be the most-watched event in sports history
Donald Trump hitting golf ball
Donald Trump has challenged Joe Biden to a televised $1m charity golf match. [Image:]

One of the most heated moments during the recent televised debate between Donald Trump and US President Joe Biden related to their golf games. US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau even said last month that he would host a match on his YouTube channel to settle the disagreement.

promising to donate $1m to a charity of the current president’s choice if he loses

Trump has now taken the war of words to the next level by challenging his 81-year-old opponent to a golf game and promising to donate $1m to a charity of the current President’s choice if he loses:

The Republican candidate told the crowd during his rally in Miami on Tuesday that he would give Biden 20 strokes over the 18 holes to try to level the playing field. Proposing they play at the Trump National Doral Golf Club, Trump said he believes it would be one of the most-watched sporting events of all time.

Trump doesn’t think that Biden will take him up on the offer as he is “all talk” about his golf game. Biden’s camp was quick to respond, with his spokesperson James Singer questioning Trump’s “weird antics” and saying that the President is too busy “leading America and defending the free world.”

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