Star Entertainment CEO Resigns Amid Doubts About Retaining NSW Casino License

  • Robbie Cooke only took over as CEO after Star lost its NSW suitability in September 2022
  • The state’s regulator wasn’t happy with the speed at which he was making changes
  • A second inquiry into the company’s license suitability in NSW began last month
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Star Entertainment’s CEO has stepped down over concerns from the NSW regulator about his ability to reform the company in a timely manner. [Image:]

Some of the top brass at Star Entertainment are departing their roles as the casino company tries to hold on to its license in New South Wales (NSW). CEO and Managing Director Robbie Cooke officially resigned on Friday, along with CFO Christina Katsibouba. Current Chairperson David Foster will take the reins until the group finds a permanent replacement.

the changes are in the best interest of the company

Star Entertainment explained in a statement that the changes are in the best interest of the company as having Cooke remain as the CEO “was not going to be conducive” to the company keeping its NSW license amid ongoing scrutiny. A government-appointed special manager currently oversees Star’s operations in Sydney.

Cooke only took over leading the company shortly after the publication of the first inquiry report in September 2022 which found Star to be unsuitable to operate a casino in NSW. Despite promising to change the company’s fortunes, his reign was hampered by a variety of obstacles.

In the statement, Cooke expressed his belief that NSW Independent Casino Commission head Philip Crawford had issues with some of the executives on the leadership team and the speed at which he was making changes. The regulator commenced a second inquiry into the company last month as it was not happy with the remediation efforts to date.

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