VegasSlotsOnline News Talks to Swintt Head of Account Management Tanya Axisa

  • VSO News chatted to Axisa to find out about fast-growing supplier Swintt
  • She outlined the key to maintaining innovation in the online slots industry
  • Jade Blade XtraSplit is Swintt’s latest title, featuring an exciting mechanic
  • Next up, the company will enter an exciting phase of growth, says Axisa
Swintt interview
VSO News sat down with Head of Account Management for Swintt, Tanya Axisa. [Image:]

Online slots supplier Swintt has made it into VegasSlotsOnline’s Slots of the Week multiple times for its innovative games. The company has grown rapidly over the past few years and now boasts an impressive portfolio of diverse titles that offer something for everyone.

Last week, Swintt made it into Slots of the Week once more for the new release Jade Blade XtraSplit. It puts a fresh spin on the traditional oriental slot with a little help from its exciting XtraSplit feature.

To get her insight on the company and its new release, VegasSlotsOnline News spoke with Tanya Axisa, Head of Account Management for Swintt.  

Thanks very much for getting involved in the interview. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your background in the gaming industry and your role at Swintt?

My journey in the gaming industry started nearly two decades ago at Malta’s renowned Dragonara Casino, Malta’s first land-based casino. Following this, I transitioned into the online gaming sector. Prior to my current position at Swintt, I worked with BetSoft and Quickspin, focusing on the B2B side of the business, and specializing in account management and relationship building while gaining valuable experience and knowledge.

I actively seek out fresh avenues for expanding our business while driving revenue growth

In my present role at Swintt, I have the honor of leading and nurturing the Account Management Department. My primary responsibility revolves around fostering long-lasting beneficial relationships with both new and existing clients. I actively seek out fresh avenues for expanding our business while driving revenue growth for the company. My duties also entail close collaboration with various departments, including Technology, Sales, Operations, Compliance, and Marketing. This ensures that all teams are aligned and collectively working towards our shared objectives and strategies.

What have been some of your highlights in 2023 so far?

In 2023, we’ve launched two exciting SwinttStudios partnerships, expanding our creative collaborations and diversifying our game offerings. Additionally, our commitment to technological advancement is evident as we successfully started migrating our clients to the cutting-edge SwinttPlatform, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

We also have obtained the SGA B2B License which has been a pivotal achievement, paving the way for continued expansion into the thriving Swedish market. Furthermore, our entry into the Lithuanian market has broadened our reach, connecting us with a new audience of players eager to engage with our games. Last but not least, the approval to offer our games in the regulated German market signifies our dedication to providing quality gaming content to a wider global audience.

The online slots industry often gets criticized for a lack of innovation. What would you say is the key to ensuring you keep the creative juices flowing?

Certainly, maintaining a steady stream of creativity in the online slots industry is essential for staying competitive and meeting player expectations. Firstly, we prioritise idea generation. We seek feedback from our clients, who provide invaluable insights into player preferences and market trends. This collaborative approach allows us to fine-tune our game concepts and mechanics. We also recognize the importance of analyzing the performance of our existing games. This helps us identify areas where innovation is needed.

fresh and exciting experiences, filled with unexpected twists and turns

Furthermore, we firmly believe that every game should have a unique selling point. This principle has driven us to create our Xtra series, which showcases innovative slot games with mechanics and features that break away from convention. These games offer players fresh and exciting experiences, filled with unexpected twists and turns, reinforcing our commitment to innovation in the industry.

You now have such a wide array of games in your portfolio. Can you give us a few highlights that our readers might enjoy?

First on my list is The Crown, a unique game featuring the football hero and renowned actor, Vinnie Jones. In this game, players have the opportunity to explore four distinct pubs: The Crown, The Bullseye, The Drunken Duck, and Michael’s Whiskey Tavern. Each of these locations boasts its own set of captivating features, providing a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

Another standout title is Electric Elements, one of our recent releases. This electrifying video slot offers players an adrenaline-pumping adventure with features like cluster pays, elemental boosters, and five different free spin modes.

Last but not least, Aloha Spirit XtraLock, is a crowd favourite from our Xtra series. This game offers players the chance to trigger 12 Free Spins by landing three or more Scatter Symbols or dive into the Tiki XtraLock Feature by landing six or more Tiki Symbols. With Locked Wilds and the potential for substantial wins, this game delivers a unique and rewarding gaming experience.

These three games are just a glimpse of the incredible innovation present in our portfolio. Whether players are fans of thrilling bonus features or classic video slots, Swintt offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Now onto Jade Blade XtraSplit, our latest Slots of the Week entry. What would you say to someone to convince them to play this game?

I would say that Jade Blade XtraSplit is a must-play video slot for anyone looking for an extraordinary gaming experience. This game transports players to the enchanting world of ancient China, where the allure of mystical jade weapons can unlock unimaginable riches. What truly sets this slot apart is its groundbreaking feature, the XtraSplit mechanic. The game offers a staggering range of between 243 and an awe-inspiring 1,679,616 ways to win.

Jade Blade XtraSplit by Swintt

Tell us a bit more about this XtraSplit feature and why it’s so exciting.

The XtraSplit feature is triggered by landing three or more Jade Stone symbols, making it accessible during the base game. When activated, this feature introduces an innovative respin mechanic. What makes it exceptionally exciting is that, with each successive win involving Jade Stone symbols during the feature, the reels split again and again, reaching a maximum height of six symbols.

XtraSplit takes slot gaming to new heights with its innovative respin mechanism

This cascading expansion of the reels opens up an incredible range of winning possibilities, with up to 1,679,616 ways to win, keeping players engaged. The XtraSplit feature in Jade Blade XtraSplit takes slot gaming to new heights with its innovative respin mechanism.

Finally, what’s on the horizon for Swintt as we approach the latter end of 2023?  

Swintt is in for an exciting phase of growth. Our commitment to diversifying our game portfolio is evident as we continue to onboard boutique studios into our SwinttStudios program. Simultaneously, we’re intensifying our focus on in-house development through our SwinttGames lineup, tailored to the preferences of the next generation of casino players. We’re thrilled to announce our ongoing partnership with Vinnie Jones, with two exhilarating releases on the horizon, The Crown Reloaded and Crazy Footy.

Our dedicated efforts also extend to our SwinttPlatform, where we’ve been working tirelessly on a major update, bringing new markets, custom bet options, free spins, and collaborations with additional studios. The UK market is our next destination, with Ontario, Romania, and Greece being next in line.

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