Tom Brady Hints at NFL Return in MrBeast YouTube Video

  • Brady said that he may end his retirement if he hit a flying drone with a football
  • He completed the challenge in a video posted to MrBeast’s YouTube channel
  • A February 1 Twitter video on Brady’s page said that he was retired “for good”
  • DraftKings previously said he was most likely to play for the Bucs, Raiders, or 49ers
Tom Brady
Tom Brady gave his fans hope that he is considering a return to the NFL in a new MrBeast YouTube video. [Image:]

Brady links up with MrBeast

Retired quarterback Tom Brady gave his fans hope that he might end his retirement and return to the NFL in a video uploaded to the MrBeast YouTube channel.

the second-most popular YouTube upload ever after 24 hours

The video—which was the second-most popular YouTube upload ever after 24 hours—was uploaded Saturday, June 10. Featuring guest appearances from Brady and Pete Davidson at different points, it raked in 5 million more views in the first day than MrBeast’s famous Squid Game video.

Brady wasn’t in the video for any longer than a couple of minutes but certainly made the most of the time. He said that if he successfully completed a challenge throwing the football, “maybe [he] should come out of retirement.” To nobody’s surprise, the G.O.A.T. passed the challenge with flying colors.  

He’s still got it

In the new video, Jimmy Donaldson, the real name of MrBeast, and his friends visited different yachts ranging from $1-1,000,000. While on a $300m yacht, Donaldson made a surprise announcement that Brady would be joining up with them to hang out on the boat.

drilled the drone right out of the sky

The group did a quick tour of the boat and unsurprisingly ended up playing a game of catch on the deck. Donaldson then challenged him to hit his drone flying above using the football. Brady accepted and made his comment about potentially coming back to the game he once dominated, and despite his daughter predicting a misfire, he drilled the drone right out of the sky.

Brady didn’t provide any further comment on his would-be second unretirement, but he did launch another perfect throw right into the chest of one of Donaldson’s friends on a moving jetski. If either of those rockets provides any indication, Brady still has it.

MrBeast is the third-most-popular YouTube channel according to subscriber count. The page’s videos include all sorts of content, including extreme challenges, competitions with subscribers, and philanthropic acts such as buying a puppy shelter or paying for part-blind and part-deaf people’s vision and hearing procedures.

Brady’s next team would be…?

Many fans have clamored for Brady to unretire despite him claiming that he was gone “for good” in a video posted to Twitter on February 1. Although he is now 45 years old, the QB finished 2022 ranked third in the NFL in passing yards and had 25 touchdowns to just nine interceptions.

+900 to step out of the shadows and back onto the football field

According to odds from that same day, Brady is -2000 to stay retired and +900 to step out of the shadows and back onto the football field. DraftKings sportsbook also had odds for his next team leading up to his retirement. Aside from the Bucs, they earmarked the Las Vegas Raiders (+250) and San Francisco 49ers (+350) as the obvious selections for his next team.

The Raiders have signed former New England Patriot and Brady backup Jimmy Garoppolo, but he is recovering from a surgical procedure. Brady’s former offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, is also Vegas’ head coach, and is a minority owner in the team. The links there are plentiful.

The Niners were Brady’s boyhood team and play less than an hour from where he grew up. They also have an unstable quarterback position with Trey Lance and Brock Purdy both coming off of injuries and finding varying degrees of success.

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