Nearly 1,000 Canada Casino Workers Locked Out After Refusing New Contract

  • The lockout at Casino Woodbine began after the stroke of midnight Monday morning
  • 50% of Woodbine’s staff are part-time and want “at least three days, three shifts per week”
Casino Woodbine
Casino Woodbine locked out 945 employees who refused a new contract, causing them to picket. [Image:]

After a casino in Toronto, Canada had its latest contract offer rejected by a group of 945 union-backed workers, it made the decision to lock those employees out.

Cue nearly 1,000 workers of Casino Woodbine picketing in the streets outside the casino next to the city’s famous Woodbine Racetrack after casino management locked them out: “as of 12:01am” Monday. The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) represents the workers and its local president Theo Lagakos took to Twitter with a YouTube clip of the picketers:

Canadian television network CP24 cited Lagakos as stating the dispute with the Great Canadian Entertainment-owned Casino Woodbine mainly stems from issues over part-time workers’ rights.

The lockout comes after members of the union voted to reject an offer last week from One Toronto Gaming, the Great Canadian subsidiary that operates three Toronto casinos, including Woodbine.

In response Monday, Woodbine said that in late April, it reached an accord with “PSAC’s bargaining committee” that included a 16% increase in wages over four years, and a joining bonus of $1,000 and $500 for full timers and part timers, respectively.

work across multiple roles from table dealers to cashiers

This offer rejected by the employees, who work across multiple roles from table dealers to cashiers, is, according to Lagakos, because 50% are part-time workers and want to have “at least three days, three shifts per week, in order to maintain their standard of living.”

According to Woodbine, discussions with PSAC continued late into Sunday night and further improvements were offered, but were not taken to members.

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