Bet365 Parent Company Hillside Ltd. Fined $7.66m by the SGA 

  • An investigation started following a review of the ten biggest losers in 2021
  • Bettors were allowed to place deposits without most or any limits
  • Hillside denies any wrongdoing, but is cooperating with the SGA
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Bet365 parent company Hillside Ltd. was punished by the Swedish Gambling Authority for failing to address problem gambling concerns. [Image:]

Hillside fined by the SGA

Bet365 parent company Hillside Ltd. was fined €6.95m ($7.66m) by the Swedish Gaming Authority (SGA) Thursday for failing to provide care to players.

infractions were headlined by a failure to respond to instances of problem gambling in the player base. Both Hillside Gaming and Hillside Sports were warned and fined.

“In general, it has taken too long before the two companies took measures to prevent continued risky gambling,” the SGA announced.

Hillside Sports was requested to provide information on the ten biggest losing customers from October 17, 2021 to December 17, 2021. The results necessitated the need for a full investigation, as players were found to have been allowed to commit breaches in rules.

Six of the ten players were allowed to continue without setting at least one of the required deposit limits, and four did not have to set any. Hillside also did not respond to players setting high or non-existent limits, per the SGA.

All bettors were allowed to make deposits without a limit until April 2022 (though there was still a basic limit of around €44m ($48.5m). It then pivoted and required stricter limits.

gambled nearly every day and should have been contacted

The SGA also found that all ten players gambled nearly every day and should have been contacted to assess their risk of problem gambling.

Hillside said that it conducted risk assessments for young players and those that had been on self-excluded lists in the interest of addressing problem gambling.

“Hillside Sports particularly wants to draw the attention of the Swedish Gambling Authority to the fact that Hillside Sports denies that the company has not fulfilled the duty of care, but as a responsible licensee, they are keen to cooperate with the authority,” said Hillside Sports.

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