French Gambling Regulator Launches Public Review of Gambling Advertising

  • ANJ made the decision to hold a consultation off the back of Euro 2020
  • Recent research shows concerns in France about the prevalence of gambling ads
  • An online questionnaire is available for the public to fill out on the ANJ website
  • After the consultation period ends, the ANJ will decide on the final recommendations
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The French gambling regulator has launched a public consultation regarding gambling advertising. [Image:]

Concerns over gambling ads

The French gambling regulator has launched a nationwide public consultation looking at the advertising practices of gambling operators. ANJ has made this decision on the back of what it has labeled as “advertising pressure” during the Euro 2020 soccer tournament that took place over the summer. During the course of this four-week soccer event, a large number of gambling-related ads aired.

In advance of the start of Euro 2020 in June, European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) members had committed to showcasing responsible gambling ads during the course of the tournament.

ANJ commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct research into the matter of gambling advertising. The resulting research showed that over half of the respondents believe that they see too many gambling ads. Almost 80% of respondents thought that the volume of ads could contribute to higher gambling addiction rates in France.

Getting a wide range of opinions

ANJ’s multipoint consultation is set to run during September and October. It will be asking the public and gambling sector experts to submit their thoughts on the matter.

People will be able to find an online questionnaire starting Monday on ANJ’s website. It will be available for one month and allows people to share their proposals and thoughts.

bring advertisers and operators together to talk about the subject

The regulator will also seek contributions and evidence from industry stakeholders. It will host a workshop alongside the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority in order to bring advertisers and operators together to talk about the subject. ANJ will also host workshops throughout the country to get the opinion of the public regarding the prevalence of gambling ads.

The goal with all of the various forms of contributions will be for ANJ to develop advertising-related guidelines. If necessary, ANJ will propose new regulations before the year is out.

Importance of the consultation

Speaking about this review of advertising practices in the gambling space was ANJ president Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin. She spoke about the importance of obtaining the public’s opinion to get a consensus on “the French model of gambling and the changes that could possibly be made in terms of advertising.”

ANJ officially took over from L’Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL) as France’s main gambling regulator in June 2020, with the goal of having a more socially responsible regulatory approach.

She spoke about how gambling-related advertising concerns all types of people, including parents, non-players, players, operators, and educators. This is why everyone is getting their chance to express their thoughts on the matter.

Falque-Pierrotin believes that an acceptable balance can be found when it comes to the matter. Following the consultation period, it will be in the regulator’s hands to make effective and balanced recommendations “based on a social pact shared by all.”

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