Washington, D.C. Businesses to Go Live With Retail Sports Betting Kiosks

  • Businesses are able to partner with GamBetDC to offer retail sports betting
  • The kiosks only accept cash and people do not need a GamBetDC account to use them
  • Businesses get a 5% cut of every sports bet and a 1% commission when winners cash out
  • Sports betting has been up and running in Washington, D.C. since last summer
US Capitol Building
Certain businesses in Washington D.C. – like bars and restaurants – are able to offer self-service retail sports betting kiosks starting Friday. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

A new tool for bettors

Certain Washington, D.C. businesses are now offering retail sports betting through self-service kiosks. Those businesses that have partnered with the DC Lottery sportsbook operator GamBetDC are able to launch these offerings on Friday.

Many well-known bars and restaurants in the region are going to be offering the GamBetDC self-service betting kiosks at their properties. The list includes the Dirty Water Sports Bar, Ben’s Next Door, and Lou’s City Bar. Numerous establishments are holding events on Friday in order to celebrate their launches. The events will showcase the new self-service betting kiosks and will feature local sports stars like Santana Moss, Fred Smoot, and Brian Mitchell.

any winnings up to $600 can be cashed out anonymously at the kiosks

The kiosks only accept cash and people need to be at least 18 years old in order to use them. People will not need to have a GamBetDC account to place their wagers. They simply insert cash, choose the event, and enter the stake. They will then receive a ticket and any winnings up to $600 can be cashed out anonymously at the kiosks. For larger sums, bettors will need to bring identification to the lottery headquarters in order to claim their winnings. Winning tickets expire after 180 days.

Helping local businesses

Businesses that are working with GamBetDC will get a 5% cut from every sports betting sale. They will also get another 1% when customers claim their winnings. GamBetDC is hoping to help the local businesses as they attempt to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic struggles.

It is expected that each location will have three or four betting kiosks, which could be more in bigger establishments. By the end of the year, the DC Lottery hopes to have these kiosks in at least 30 locations.

Speaking about the launch of retail sports betting at these venues was DC Lottery director of marketing and communications Nicole Jordan. She said: “Together, GambetDC and these local businesses are going to prove that betting on DC is always a good decision.”

Sports betting in the capital

Sports betting has been up and running in Washington D.C. since last summer. GamBetDC is the only operator that can offer sports betting anywhere within city limits, except in federal enclaves or within two blocks of four sports arenas. The district’s main sports arenas have the ability to have their own retail sportsbooks and mobile apps that operate within said two-block radius.

In June, the total betting handle in Washington D.C. was $19.5m, a 42.3% rise month-on-month. This handle generated revenue of $2.2m for operators. Leading the way was the William Hill Sportsbook, generating $1.6m in revenue from its online sportsbook and retail facility at the Capital One Arena. This was the first retail sportsbook to open at a professional sports arena in the US when it launched in May.

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