GVC Enhances Gambling Safeguards Due to COVID-19

  • New measures include betting limits on slots and a reverse withdrawal setting
  • “Markers of Harm” indicators help to detect a potential gambling problem early on
  • GVC operators will provide additional marketing efforts to promote safe gambling  
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GVC Holdings has introduced a number of new measures to protect vulnerable individuals who may feel bored at home and turn to gambling during lockdown. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

New measures to protect players

Global online gaming and sports betting group GVC Holdings is committed to providing a safer environment for consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking note from the Betting and Gaming Council’s industry approach, GVC has introduced additional gambling safeguards to enhance the experience of the player. The goal is to provide products that can be enjoyed in a safe way as casual entertainment.

GVC has decided to build on its “Changing for the Better” strategy for safer gambling

There is now an increased risk to gambling issues because players are in lockdown due to the quick spread of the virus. Players may become more depressed, feel isolated, or experience financial distress. To protect vulnerable players, GVC has decided to build on its “Changing for the Better” strategy for safer gambling.

Proactive approach to problem gambling

Several changes were made by GVC to create a safer gambling experience in this new environment. The group is being more proactive when it comes to customer communication across all brands it operates. Players are reminded to gamble responsibly and directed to a suite of safer gambling tools.

With the tools provided, players can set limits on the amount they deposit and their duration of play. The tools also provide elements of self-exclusion to make it easy for players to take a break and lock their accounts.

GVC has also added new two “Markers of Harm” indicators. These indicators allow the company to identify a potential problem gambling behavior early on. Player behavior pre and post isolation can be reviewed to ensure further protection.

Customer safety a priority

GVC CEO Kenneth Alexander commented on the changes, stating that during this time, the company is more committed than ever to keep their customers safe. He said the company is hugely sensitive to the increased risk potential connected to gambling now that players are isolated at home.

Alexander said: “Our enhanced tools give customers the power to manage their spending and time in an effective way, and we are backing this up by carefully monitoring play through our markers of harm.”

Additional changes

Along with the above enhancements, GVC has also increased the messaging on its homepage regarding responsible gambling. A new page now provides dedicated advice on how to wager sensibly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

GVC will also be running advertising via multiple channels and marketing campaigns to promote responsible gambling.

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