Macau Casinos Must Abide by New Safety Regulations

  • No more than four players allowed at a table, must be one empty seat between them
  • Slot players must also have a seat between themselves and other players
  • Cleaning and disinfecting must take place at casinos for player safety  
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The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has published new safety regulations and gaming floor restrictions ahead of Macau casinos reopening this week. [Image:]

Measures to prevent crowds

As Macau casino operators prepare to reopen this week after a 15-day shutdown due to the deadly coronavirus, new safety regulations and restrictions have been issued for each gaming venue to abide by.

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau issued the safety regulations with the aim of preventing large crowds of people from gathering.

Space between tables

Restrictions include a limit on the number of table games that can be in operation on the casino floor. No more than half can be used. This will ensure that there is enough space between gaming tables and players.

new requirement means there will be a maximum of four players at seven-player tables

Guests must leave an empty seat between themselves and other players when playing table games. Customers cannot stand near the table and play. The new requirement means there will be a maximum of four players at seven-player tables.

Similar rules are being enforced for slot machine gaming. Guests must ensure that there is an empty seat between them and other players.

Health regulations

Macau casino operators must follow health regulations to ensure all gaming areas are safe for patrons. Operators had to clean and disinfect the casinos during the 15-day shutdown. The Macau Health Bureau provided instructions on the frequency of cleaning and disinfection processes. Operators must follow the same processes when they reopen.

Casinos must continue to impose temperature checks on guests and staff members at entrances. Guests and staff members must wear face masks. Casinos will also prohibit visitors from the Hubei province, as this the region in which the coronavirus reportedly originated.

Non-resident employees began entering Macau this week, with as many as 21,000 employees returning to the region ahead of a set deadline of February 20. Any employees arriving afer this date will be quarantined for a 14 days before being allowed to enter the region.

Casinos reopening on February 20

The city’s government confirmed that casinos in Macau will reopen on February 20. This follows after a 15-day temporary shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since casinos closed on February 5, no new cases of the virus have been confirmed in the region.

When officials announced the temporary closure, 10 cases had been confirmed in Macau. Testing is still ongoing, but so far, the region seems to have contained coronavirus. Macau’s 41 casinos can now get back to business despite having to follow strict regulations until told otherwise.

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